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Questions for Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, here's one I found interesting...

Q. I just had a question. Do u ever feel embarrassed when you're writing about "that stuff"? (you know) I mean, like the editors- do they ever ask you to change anything? I really wish that you wouldn't stop Alice when she's eighteen. You should keep going! Will Patrick still be important in her life when she's 18? I just wanted to know.

A. The very, very last Alice book I write will take her from age 18 to 60, so you will know a lot more about her when that comes out. Am I ever embarrassed when I write about "that stuff"? Nope. Because "that stuff" is a very important part of life.

WAHHH! I like Patrick! It's not fair!!!!!!!! Need to wait for Simple Alice before reading Alice Alone, better come out soon damnit!


Jun. 17th, 2001 02:18 am
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There's a new Alice book and I haven't read it yet but I read some reviews and of course, I get spoilers because come on, it's a pre-teen book and you're gonna get stupid teeny boppers who say things that probably shouldn't be said about the book when it's a review. Now I'm going to have to wait for the next Alice book to come out before I read this one because I know this one's going to piss me off thoroughly and will need the one after that to calm me down. Vivian! BLAH!

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