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Battle Royale is crazy film. School kids are dropped on an island to kill each other off until there’s only one left. Also, they have collars on that will detonate if they try to escape. There’s way more to it. Japanese movies can be pretty funky. XD Funnily enough Chiaki Kuriyama who played Go Go Yubari in Kill Bill was in this film (Quentin Tarantino is a huge fan of Battle Royale). There was a sequel which I’ve never gone out of my way to see because I heard it wasn’t as good.

Another outfit that wasn't made by me. Jacket, skirt, and tie purchased online. The lettering on the tie was done by Ashley since I didn't trust myself to do it and I think we used puffy paint. XD I would love en embroidery machine eventually but I have no plans to purchase one any time soon as they are terribly expensive. The collar is from Dream Angels cosplay: http://www.dream-angels.net/.

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