Jan. 1st, 2010

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OMG, New Year. The sound of what seems like infinite fireworks is so comforting.

Tonight was simple - dinner with friends and chocolate fondue at the house. Marty and I took Oki for a walk and later on we watched the sky light up with fireworks while in my PJs.

You'd think they were professionals but it's just crazy Louisianians across the area who've bought out the fireworks tents.

Christmas in North Carolina was nice as usual with the added bonus of an abundance of snow.

Staycation has been very nice so far since we've been able to do more to the house. It's very satisfying making a house your own and we've done a lot in the past few months. New appliances, lots of paintng, changed out fixtures and details, added furniture.

Marty and I have been on our own since we've graduated (cept for the wedding, oh crap, wait, I've been on my own since graduation, three years, and Marty's been on his own since... grad school, seven years) and it's been nice making a nice little life for us. Very glad my parents don't have to worry about me - they worked way too hard for me and I owe them everything.

We've been very lucky in our jobs and moving to Louisiana was weird but we've made great friends and actually like our jobs. We're still adjusting but I can't complain. XD I just miss the proximity to our families and friends sometimes.

So I don't do resolutions but I can say what I want for the future... more traveling (around the US, Japan soon?), more projects concerning the house, more hobbies (already have the books lined up; photography, crocheting), more costumes.

I generally don't do poetry, in fact, I hate poetry... and this is totally cliche and stolen from a movie/book but the moon was so bright tonight (bluuuuue moon) and it was nice knowing that all my friends and family around the world were looking at the same moon.

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