New CD!

Dec. 3rd, 2002 08:04 pm
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Kind of new CD. I donno, a couple days ago I heard a song on the radio that seemed quite familiar to me and I continued to listen to the radio after the song to figure out who did it and it was, of course, the people who I thought did it. Tatu.

Tatu is this Russian duo. They're teenage lesbians that do techno-ey type music. They're really good. I like them a lot. I read about them months ago in a music sub-magazine by Maxim. After I read about them, I was curious so I downloaded a bunch of their Russian songs and I really liked them. I downloaded the songs on my brother's computer though so after I came back up here I forgot about them until I heard their new single on the radio. For some reason they remind me of Vivian and Gin, or something they'd listen to. ::grins::

So today I went out and got their single. I was hoping their english album would be out but it's not. I'll just have to wait. Funny how I haven't bought a CD in years and suddenly I have to get the CDs for this random group. You'd think if I decided to buy a CD I'd go out and buy one that I've been meaning to get for years. ::grins:: Oh well.

Yay Tatu!


Sep. 10th, 2002 11:24 pm
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I'm at Marty, Bahr, Austin, and Mike's. I need a better word for their place. I don't really want to call it 105 because although it is 105 where they live, I never see the number because I never go through the front door. :> Hmm. I guess I could come up with a crazy acronym using the first letters of their names but that'd be stupid. Hehe. We had a Wine and Cheese party tonight. It was cool. I love havarti cheese. Sooooooooooooo good. ::drools:: The wine was alright. I'm not big into the alcoholic beverages. I did like the Riesling though. ^_^ We should have more Wine and Cheese parties, except you know, wine can be somewhat expensive. Vivian's supposed to have gone out to get movies or something but she never came back. Or at least not yet. I donno. Oh well. I'm gonna go... do something or other. Just for the record, I'm not drunk although I may be slightly tipsy. :>


Jun. 26th, 2002 07:57 pm
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So I'm cleaning out my closet because mommy said to clean it out and I find a poster that our little group made years ago. Basically the group was Vivian, Stahly, Hammy, and I. Anyway, I think one of us wasn't there but I'm not quite sure if it was Stahly or Hammy. It's hilarious! It's titled, "THE BASE SYSTEM" and it's an explanation of the Bases. You know, first base, kissing or whatever, like that, hehe. Surrounding our little baseball diamond are drawings of each of us and decorations pertaining to sexual acts and a lot of funkyass stuff. There's drawings of pickles, some farm animals, a closet (I don't remember what went on in this closet...), a picture of a guy cut out from a magazine that we decorated, Vivian drawing on Lars' ass, and finally, there's a picture that I don't understand. It's a picture of me under a blanket and asking "HOW???" Then there's Vivian asking apparently asking our old friend Sarah, "HOW???" I'll have to ask Vivian. Must be really funny though. ::grins:: Hehe.


Jun. 16th, 2002 04:12 am
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MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I beat Lunar! I beat Lunar! ::dances:: ::jumps around:: ::dances some more:: I rule, I rule, I rule! Well, it wasn't that hard. Of course, now I have to play something else. Maybe Lunar 2, or I could continued my abandoned file in FFVII, of course, I also started a new game in FFVIII but never did anything with it so I could play that.

Bleh, for now, I have to go to work soon.

Not much been happening, hung out with Camay yesterday. Went to lunch with Steve and Vivian before they left for the Ft. Lauderdale Jewel concert. Went shopping, didn't buy much considering the lack of moneys, hmm, guess that's why I'm working, oh, and the fact that my mother is making me. ::grins::

Okies, better go get ready, blah.


May. 27th, 2002 08:34 pm
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You know, I really really like shopping. In fact, I love shopping. I wish I could do it more often. Today, I spent the day shopping with Camay. Boy do I love shopping. I had another thought. Oh yes, Vivian and Aimee, I have miniscule presents for the the two of you. I was looking around Hot Topic and thinking, gee, I love this store, I feel I should buy something. So I bought something small for all of us. ^_^ You will see. I think it's fitting. ::hehes mischieviously to herself::
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Dude! Vivian and I like, cooked food, and like, it was strong!

Yeah, we hung out at Royal Village. Steve had a CGS project to do so Vivian hung out with him. I kind of wanted to sleep but I ended up playing chess with Jeremy. He kicked my ass. :P Marty came over and he also kicked my ass in chess. :P Oh well. We got to use Hitler Matt's really cool chess set. It was really fancy!

The best part of the evening was when we started playing Super Smash Brothers Melee. It's so much fun! No wonder the guys spend hours upon hours on it. My favorite character is Kirby. He's all fat and puffy and fat. He's so cute. ^_^ Marty showed me how to put my name in so now I have little statistics form in the game. I want to play again. :>

Today is Aimee's birthday so.. have a party, have a party, have a party! ::shakes her booty::


Apr. 8th, 2002 02:41 pm
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::rolls around in a booth in pain::

Just kidding!

You know, I forgot I had a P-Chan doll. Next time I go home I'm going to bring him back here. Hopefully the psyco little girl from a long time ago didn't ruin it like she did my weirdass flower cat. I'm going to have to ask silo to find it for me.

::ponders:: So much work to do! Bleh.

Last night was a very interesting night/morning. Basically got all dressed up to hang out with the guys. There was some dancing, mostly by Vivian, Aimee, and Marty. ::grins:: There was some drinking, I think everyone did that. We played truth or dare which I usually don't like but I donno, I had fun. ::grins:: Some other stuff might have happened but I don't really remember...
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I'm home now. Well, my home where my parents live. The trip was fun, and really cold. Let me think of where to start.. That Friday was weird because there were complications on when we would leave. Vivian and I spent the day running errands while Matt was doing Matt things. We finally left around 7, I think that's when we left. Vivian started the drive but then she almost killed us so Matt took over. She had a horrible headache. "Vivian was disappointed." We got there around 12. It was as I said before, cold. Adam was up but her parents were asleep. We had to set up our own beds and crap. It was sad. Vivian and Matt had to sleep in a bed with a hole in it and I was left on the couch with three layers of rags. Actually, I'm exaggerating, I didn't have rags, but they were thin blankets. I wasn't exaggerating about Vivian and Matt sleeping in a bed with a hole in it though.

I woke up to find her parents wandering to the kitchen. It was about 7:00 in the morning.

Vivian's mom: The Kids are here!
Vivian's dad: No they're not.
Vivian's mom: Look on the couch!
Vivian's dad: That's Adam.
Me: Nope, it's me, Christine.
Vivian's mom: See, it's Christine.

I fall back asleep and they do their parenting stuff. By the time everyone's awake the parents come back with a ton of groceries.

I don't quite remember what happens after this. Vivian's mom starts a fire in the fireplace. We eat food. Then we go to this weird little Georgian mall and buy bras. Well, Vivian and I did. There were other purchases. I think we stopped at K-Mart too. Yeah, Matt had to buy boxers because he hadn't any clean ones to bring on the trip. That might have been a bit personal to say but I donno, seemed like it was a big deal on the trip. ::grins::

Conversation interpreted Daria-style

Matt: I need underwear.
Vivian: You need underwear? There's some underwear over there!
Vivian's mom: What the matter Matt, you need shorts?
Vivian's dad: What's wrong?
Vivian's mom: It's Matt, he needs shorts.
Vivian's dad: You need shorts Matt? There's some shorts over there. See those shorts? You can buy those shorts over there!

Hmm, poor Matt. Oh well, I think it's funny. ::grins:: So then later we walked a bit around downtown. I bought myself some more postcards. Ah, I love postcards. Anybody who wants to send me postcards, feel free to do so, hehe. Lessee, what else... well, after a little bit of downtown we went back home to eat food. It was sooooooooooooooooooo good. Fried boneless chicken. Tons of mashed potatoes with gravy. Spinach, corn, yeast rolls! We ate a lot. And then there was pumpkin pie to be eaten later! After that we played scattegories which I've always loved. I think I should get it sometime except for the fact that I don't have many friends who are board game people. I donno, I like playing board games, least the ones I like. ::grins:: Then we just kinda lounged around because we were all too stuffed. You know what's a funny word? Portly.

I think I'm going to write about the trip in parts so here's the end of part 1.
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1:00: Wake up, well sometime around there.
1:00 something: Take a shower!
Sometime during that: Vivian calls!
Response: Continues to take shower.
1:15 maybe?: Get online, Vivian IMs, "I tried to call you!"

This time though, she got done with her morning routine a little earlier and called me right when I was hopping into the shower. I answered the phone naked and said, "YOU ALWAYS CALL ME WHEN I'M IN THE SHOWER!" Now she's not going to, she's going to wait a while. :> I think she should just wait till I get online, it's not like I don't! Hmm, what shall I be doing today.

Onto another thought... You know if there's a picture of you and this person and it's a bad picture, then it probably wasn't meant to be. ::grins::

That's all!

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Vivian's drunk.

I like stuffed shells....

and potatoes. ^_^

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The renting and watching of the 10th Kingdom was before hanging out with Vivian. Those are two seperate events. Yeah, me, Vivian, Matt, and Sam were tipsy. Some us of moreso than others. There was a lot of candy involved. Okies, I'm gonna go do stuff.
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I'm going to bed, had fun with Vivian tonight. Rented and watched the 10th Kingdom, yay! Um, I'm going to bed now.


Jun. 17th, 2001 02:18 am
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There's a new Alice book and I haven't read it yet but I read some reviews and of course, I get spoilers because come on, it's a pre-teen book and you're gonna get stupid teeny boppers who say things that probably shouldn't be said about the book when it's a review. Now I'm going to have to wait for the next Alice book to come out before I read this one because I know this one's going to piss me off thoroughly and will need the one after that to calm me down. Vivian! BLAH!
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(Sing to the tune of 'Big Wet Rainstorm's Over' in Daria!)

The day of Hell is over,
the testing is all done,
the day of Hell is over,
and boy there was a ton
of ugly tests thrown all at me
but now that I am free
you'll be seeing me, "Heheheee!"
The day of Hell is oveeeeeeeeeer!

Yeah, it's over. I mean, I still have stuff to do tomorrow but that doesn't count. ^_^ I donno what else to say. I wanna spend money but I don't have any money to spend, I mean, I do, but I know if I do my parents will beat me. Something like that. Yeah, I'm gonna save my aardvark from Vivian's beatings, she's like... tossing it around with it's head and tail and scrunching it. It's just inhumane. Hehehe, yeah bye.
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Vivian and Brady came to my room and they're all like, "HI!" And I'm all like, "HI!" Now they're all like, "BYE!" So I'm sad, but not really cause I'm tired. Haha, Brady's guilty. Well, it's not that funny. They're gonna go now cause it's really late. Let us all sleep! THE END

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