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I watched. I didn't cry until right at the end when he lifted his hand and it was glowing... then I bawled my eyes out through the rest of it.

I was watching on my laptop in bed while Marty was asleep so Marty woke up to me crying. He gave me a hug and in my mind I knew I was acting ridiculous over the loss of a fictional character who ends up "living" in a way anyways but I couldn't stop crying.

As much as it irks me, I think I'll like the new Doctor (and I look forward to the new writing) though David Tennant will always be my favorite. I'll be a loyal fan and follow his future works.

<3 David Tennant <3

Honestly, it was Tennant who got me to watch Doctor Who. While Eccleston seemed alright I honestly didn't care to watch until Tennant came around and I only vaguely knew of the previous Doctors and the storylines from the past. Everyone knows about the Fourth Doctor and his longass scarf.

Bravo, David Tennant. Bravo.

I will end with this:

Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman are locked in Twitter battle over Gay Man of the Decade over on AfterElton.com. Awesome and hilarious at the same time.
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I think I might change my LJ layout to a Pushing Daisies theme. I've been sort of working on it. Sort of. I just need some Pushing Daisies icons. Actually, I want my sewing room to have a Pushing Daisies theme. I need a suitable paint color.

If I want Chuck hair then I need to cut my bangs. I got curls at least. I don't wanna cut my bangs again!
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My thoughts on the Eleventh Doctor - SPOILERS! )
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I was impressed with last night's Office. After a bit of a slump with the latest episodes, last night's episode made me really happy. Even Marty watched it with me because it was less about Michael being dumb and more about the rest of the cast. :D

Spoilers maybe if you didn't watch it. )

More Pushing Daisies! A pox on Heroes!
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12-3-08 - Pushing Daisies, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

I seriously cannot get enough of this show. WHY ABC, WHYYYYYY!

I love Lee Pace.

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Apparently Pushing Daisies has been getting some bad ratings and there's a very good chance it'll be cancelled. They're filming the last episode of Season 2 and ABC has yet to pick it up for another season!

Talk about the biggest disappointment ever if that happens. I've been perusing this site: http://savedaisies.com/.

I love this show, I do. There is so much story left, so much story!!!

So today's agenda, other than real work, is to come up with a business plan to show ABC that Pushing Daisies is financial viable.

I mean, hello, they put it before Private Practice! Private Practice itself was on the verge of cancellation and you're going to put both those shows back to back! I do agree with the time that Pushing Daisies is on just because I think it's a cute show for kids too.

AUGH! Work, brain, work!!!

If they're gonna cancel it they need to allow it one more season for it finish the story! I want closure! And if you can't do another season and you cancel my show, then I demand Bryan Fuller to write a novel with the conclusion! My demands are completely rational!
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I wanted to write out my thoughts - cut for possible spoilers.

Pushing Daisies )

The Office  )

Doctor Who )

Questionable Content )

Ctrl-Alt-Del )
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I could listen to him talk allllllll day. It's a lot nicer to hear the news from him than reading it. :P Plus, the part about killing Patrick Stewart and the knife was so cute. ^^

Oh wells. The show will go on. That'll be a tough act to follow I think. :P I've already been hoarding David's other works so I'll continue to do so and once in I'm London, I'll be a big consumer whore.
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I knew it!


Today is the worst day on earth.
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I had no idea she was preggers!
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6-15-08 - Slurm, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Drink Slurm. It's highly addictive.

I actually haven't opened it yet. Kind of afraid of what it'll taste like. o_O


May. 16th, 2008 11:39 pm
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Tonight I was alone and it was awesome. I watched Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica. It was utterly loverly. Dang it's been a long time since I had a tv to myself. I should have never given my tv to my brother. Oh well. What a relaxing night! I geeked out and then tomorrow night is crunk night.
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Tonight is the season finale of The Office.  I can't believe it's already the season finale.  It's a one-hour episode!  Then there's an Office Marathon on Sunday at 8:00 pm.

Toby's leaving the show.  I wondering if Paul is also leaving as a writer. 

IT'S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE - SPECIAL ONE HOUR SEASON FINALE - OSCAR NOMINEE AMY RYAN ("Gone Baby Gone") GUEST STARS - It's Toby's (Paul Lieberstein) goodbye party at Dunder Mifflin and Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) demands a huge celebration that matches the joy in his heart (LOLZ). Angela (Angela Kinsey), sick of Michael's unreasonable last minute demands, refuses, and Michael turns to Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) to take over the party planning committee. Meanwhile, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Meredith (Kate Flannery) haze the new HR woman, Holly (Oscar Nominee Amy Ryan). John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Melora Hardin, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Oscar Nunez, Mindy Kaling, Creed Bratton, and Craig Robinson also star.

I'm anxious.
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New York Times Article on Ni Hai, Kai-lan

It's Chinese Dora the Explorer! WOO! Go Nickelodeon!

Summary from Nick Jr.
What the Show's About
"Ni hao!" That means "hi" in Chinese--and that's how Kai-lan greets you every day! Kai-lan Chow is an exuberant Chinese-American preschooler, almost 6, who wants you to come play with her and her best friends.

Kai-lan's world is infused with Chinese culture and is brimming with magical sights and sounds, and everywhere you turn there's something amazing and beautiful to see. Along the way, she and her bilingual buddies speak in English and Chinese, but they always need kids' help to find creative solutions to the daily dilemmas that come their way!
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"Yeah I have a lot of questions. Number 1. How dare you?"
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This is just a reminder for myself and anyone else interested that David Tennant will be appearing in the next episode of Top Gear next Monday at 8:00 pm on BBC America.

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Pam: Tell them what we saw today, Jim.
Jim: Oh, today we saw a junkyard dog attacking the bones of a rotisserie chicken
Pam: Nature.


Hey Pam. Will you wait for me one second, while I tie my shoe?


Michael: I think I'm being very clear, what I'm asking. Would an average size rowboat support her without capsizing? It bothers me that you're not answering the question.
Phyllis: No. Alright? No she can't fit on a rowboat.


Creed: When Pam gets Michael's new chair, I get Pam's old chair. Then I'll have two chairs. Only one to go.
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I'm finally back on track. The Office is coming back on April 10! I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!

This is my desktop at work. It's one of the images from a Puma photo shoot that they did a while back.

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Fast food feels fuzzy cause it's made from stuff that's scuzzy, I always thought I was such a nerd, I refused to touch that strange bean curd.

I wouldn't eat it, but it ATE YOU!

Aaaaeeeooo, Killer Tofu, eeaaeee! Oooeeeooo, Killer Tofu!

I eat my sugared cereal but it makes my teeth bacterial, eeeaaaeeeooo. Eeeaaeee!

If you're feeling kinda cruddy, just stick right by your buddy. And don't eat, too too too too too too much fried food!

Aaaaeeeooo, Killer Tofu, eeaaeee! Oooeeeooo, Killer Tofu!

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