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The house is coming along. Marty and I went to World Market over the weekend and bought a nice media center/tv stand, a console/side table and a big wood cube for the record player and to store all our records.

I don't think I'll be going to SDCC. Vivian and I planned but it's really not so feasible at the last minute, too late to plan, and no money to do it (least for me what with the house and all). Someone from the Wolf Pack Elite is going to see if he can get an autograph from David Tennant. I think his chances are slim because David isn't doing an autograph session and SDCC is different from other cons. More promotion, less about the fans. He thinks he has a chance though because he got his picture taken with John Barrowman last year due to his awesome Captain America costume, hehehe. Either way, it's really nice to know that someone's going to try. That's all I can ask for. It's a sweet gesture.

I am getting really excited for Dragon*Con! I seriously need to make all my costumes right now. Not right now, right now. My sewing room is organized, but I need a cutting/work table, stat! Ikea is freaking crazy with their shipping charges. $300 for a $50 table, I don't think so! I just need a large table where I can cut fabric dammit and I don't want to spend more than 100 bucks dammit! I think I can get what I want at Office Depot. We'll see, I'll check it out this weekend.

Mike, the RT, is in town! He's wandering New Orleans as we speak. Ima meet him up for lunch, woohoo!
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8-16-08 - Book Sale, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

There's a Friends of the Library book sale one weekend each month in the next town over. We just happened to go the month where everything is 50% off. :D We got all this for less than ten bucks.

Marty needs to restock his fiction anyways.

Oh yeah, still need another bookcase...

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7-7-08 - Dang, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

I went shopping and saw this.

I picked up some kitchen stuff and some foodstuffs. I'm quite pleased with a green mixing bowl I picked up.

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6-28-08 - Haha, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Saturday was another day of shopping. Went to World Market to pick up a table. Now we have a really nice dining table. :D I turned the little table into my sewing table in the study, BWAHAHAHAAA.

We also stopped by the Slidell Army Surplus store. There were funny signs on the front door. I was impressed by the size of the store as well as the selection. Some army surplus stores are kind of meh but this one's freaking awesome. They had no shortage of awesome stuff.

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6-27-08 - Beignets, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Friday was a fun day, but a long day. o_O Marty had the day off so that was cool... but I had an interview. So I went to the interview in the morning, then I went back home to change, then I went shopping with some girls; Aleesha, Sofie, and Melissa.

We've been hanging out with Aleesha a lot lately. She's the half-Hawaiian chick. Sofie and Melissa are two others from Marty's work. It was weird having a day out with the girls. Dude, we went to this really cute store on Magazine Street. I need to go back when I get a job because they had the cutest dresses at decent prices! Then we wandered around the Lakeside Mall in Metairie. I picked up a pair of cute, neutral heels suitable for work and a bag of beignets. I was impressed with the size of the mall. It pleased me.

After that, Aleesha and I went back to meet up with Marty, Nicole, and Ryan for dinner at this other Asian place called South Seas. I much, much prefer the sushi there to Osaka. The rolls were huuuuge and tasty. But Osaka's good for udon. THEN we saw Wall-E.

Long day.

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6-22-08 - Ottoman, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

So we need a couch... but we bought an ottoman first.

This thing is cool! It's a sleeper ottoman! There's a twin foldout in it AND it was on clearance. Perfect for an apartment. I might take a picture of the twin foldout later on. It's actually pretty comfortable too, go figure.

I believe we've found a brown leather couch to match but we're going to check a couple more places before we go ahead with the couch purchase.

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6-7-08 - TOO MANY BOXES, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

This is Marty working in our living room. We got a new tv, a new Xbox 360, and a new tv stand. I've unpacked all I could and now all we have left are books and dvds and they're stacked neatly in the corner. The only things that we 'need' left is a couch and bookcases. I would prefer a couch that turns into a bed for visitors. We also want to get nice bookcases, not bookcases that fall apart after a year. It may take us a while to get these last things since we already made major purchases and I'm still in the process of finding a job. There are a few little things we need but those will come in time. Otherwise the apartment is coming along. We'll be looking at houses in a year. o_O

This coming weekend we're going to be flying to Orlando for Marty's ten year high school reunion. The weekend after we'll take some time to peruse various furniture and antique stores. :D

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5-29-08 - Mary Kay, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

This is my new Mary Kay lady, bwahahaha. Ashley and I had a small Mary Kay party so we could explore the world of makeup.

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5-25-08 - SHOES!, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

These shoes were such a deal! I think my whole work shoe collection will turn into black patent heels.

The pair on the right were 12 bucks and the pair on the left were 15 bucks. Dillards was having a major sale. I'm big shopping whore.

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5-22-08 - Tokidoki Ipod Case, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

BWAHAHAHAHA! I finally got a Tokidoki iSkin iPod case. They're selling them out. Used to be 30 bucks but I got this for 10. This wasn't the design I wanted originally but I like it. :D So pretty.

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5-7-08 - New Shoes, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

So I've been doing a lot of shopping this week and I'm pretty much done. o_O I shouldn't be adding to the pile of stuff we need to move.

We went to DSW and I got new shoes. Marty got new shoes too. These are brown Kenneth Cole Reaction wedges and they are extremely comfortable.

They make me insanely happy at the moment. I'm planning to make Psylocke boot covers for them. They're perfect. They have three-inch heels to make me taller and they're really comfortable, good for walking around conventions. Course, considering the group I costume with, I'll still be average in height.

I wish I could buy more because they're also good for day-to-day wear and work shoes. :P

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5-6-08 - Pink Luggage!, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

I'm going to be living out of a suitcase for a couple weeks after Marty leaves and takes all my stuff. I didn't have a big one so I bought a new, pink one. BWAHAHAHAHA.

I think it's uber cute.

Oki's sniffing it.

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5-5-08 - Messiah Complex, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

AAHHH! I am so happy about getting this in hardback. I had been waiting for this to come out in a volume so I wouldn't have to collect all the individual comics (a lot of them are hard to find now anyways).

Turning point in X-men history. OooooOOooo.

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We went to Ikea and it was neat. Reminded me of Hong Kong, lots of stuff and too many people, hehe.

Even before we parked we had a splendid display of stupidity by two older women who took forever to get into their parked car and then promptly left one of their packages on top of the car as they drove off.

Marty wanted to take various pictures of the closets for his parents to show them that they too can be organized. I want to make sure wherever we settle, we have one of those nice organized walk-in closets since I have too many clothes and costumes to store. o_O

I made sure to buy Swedish meatballs. They were good, I want to go back for the meatballs.
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These are the comics I got from Megacon. Woot. I also got Umbrella Corp patches, an Animal Crossing cell phone charm, a kids book about a welsh corgi, a button that says pink ninja with a pink ninja. There may have been other things but I can't think of them right now and they're not in the picture.

Oki's sniffing my comics. Oki love comics. To poop on! Actually, she's more likely to eat them more than anything. o_O

Now that I've gotten these comics... I want more comics. o_O
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1-22-08 - Tails!

I took this picture because amidst all the random toys in the claw machine there was Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog sitting on the top! It also seems like such a festive photo.

Marty's staring at the blood pressure testing machine. It didn't work. I stuck my arm in there and it said there wasn't enough data to give me my blood pressure. WTF! I'm pretty sure I'm not a zombie. :P

We were walking around the mall. I wanted some buttons. I dress pretty grown-up nowadays and I like it that way, but I want some buttons to put on my purses and crap to show that I'm still a big, fat, dorky, geek thing on the inside.

I want more video game paraphernalia but it's kind of hard to find for things that aren't the most popular games ever like Halo 3. :P Maybe at the upcoming conventions I'll be able to find more stuff.

I got a button that says "To Gnome is to Love Me" and it's got two cute gnomes on it. I got a Hello Kitty button because it's standard. And then I got a couple buttons with emoticons on it such as X_X. I also got a bumper sticker that's a heart with the initials CH in it. It's supposed to be for El ChapulĂ­n Colorado which is an old 70's Mexican show which is parodied on the Simpsons with the Bumblebee Man. I got it because CH are my initials.

And yes, I am sad about the death of Heath Ledger. He wasn't one of my favorite actors but he was in a lot of movies I liked and it's sad he died so young. Completely unexpected. It wouldn't be a shock if it were Britney Spears or Amy Winehouse but I guess you gotta look out for the quiet ones. I was looking forward to the next Batman movie since he's the Joker. It'll be a somber night when that movie comes out.
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1-11-08 - CUUUUUTE!

Despite having worked at Target for a year and being an almost completely miserable time in my life, I still enjoy shopping there.

I love seeing all the new stuff they have every season. This is one of the latest displays they have and it's soooooooooo cute.

I love the ladybug stuff.

If I didn't already have a kickass Princess Peach lunchbox I would get that ladybug lunchbox.

There's also a cute sippy cup but the problem with sippie cups is while they're cute, they never hold enough drink for me. o_O
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According to Capcom Unity, if you pre-order Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations at Gamestop or at the Official Capcom Store, you can get a free Ace plushie!

I love plushies. I suppose I'll be dropping by Gamestop soon. Need to pre-order My Sims for the DS as well.


Aug. 30th, 2007 03:37 pm
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Every now and again I will got to the Fashion Square Mall for lunch. It's very close, actually, work is close to a lot of cool stuff. Good time to get errands done if I ever need to.

Anyways, I always stop by the Hello Kitty/Anime store and it's really hard for me not to buy something.

You get a puppy (maybe two), some accessories and a tiny, clear carrying case. I love puppies.

Basically my goal was to get the Corgi, and I got it! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I've got a pretty nice collection of random, Asian toys but currently I don't have a place for them all. >:| I will eventually get a nice, big display case whenever I get my own place. They'll be stuffed into my shelves, and random boxes and bags until then.
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Shinra Business Card Case

OMG! The store is so cool! I hope they keep putting out new stuff!

Seriously! It is so difficult to find a Cactuar plushie for less than 40 bucks any where! Unless you get one of those crappy black market Cactuars that look retarded and off-color.

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