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I found my Sailor Moon chopsticks! Woo!
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I'm going through a bunch of mp3s and cds that I haven't listened to in a while and it's fun! Although right now I'm listening to this one song on one of my Sailor Moon cds and it's so sad! It's called Watashitachi Ni Naritakute. It's the song they always played whenever Chibi-Moon and Pegasus were together and whatnot. It's so sad! I only understand like, 6 of the words and that's only because they sing those words in english. ::grins:: It's got the prettiest melody, if only it didn't make my heart ache.


May. 18th, 2002 12:22 pm
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So... haven't updated in a couple days. Been too lazy. Lessee, what's up with me... car got fixed, all nice now... saw Star Wars Episode II which was cooler beyond belief and I wanna see it again. Oh, you know what was cool? They showed a Matrix Reloaded trailer before the movie. I was soooooo excited! I squealed. ::grins:: I'm clean, I just took a shower. Been playing Sailor Moon: Another Story on an emulator. Such a cute game! There might be other things to talk about but I can't think of them right now. Anyway, Star Wars Episode II, go see it!

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