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List of Fatty, in no particular order

- I've known Fatty as long as I've known Vivian
- Fatty was a trooper with all of Vivian's moves - Before Ft. Myers to Sarasota to Gainesville to Tallahassee.
- Fatty was there any time Vivian needed her
- Fatty was actually fat and it was awesome
- Fatty would get trapped in mosquito netting and it was awesome
- Fatty helped me discover my allergy to cats
- If you stayed the night at Vivian's place - you just might find Fatty sleeping on you in the morning
- Fatty is a comic hero
- I have many Fatty drawings
- Fatty was the original Fatty
- Fatty loved to eat, duh.
- Fatty's meows were cute meows.
- Fatty was the Alpha/Queen Fatty of the house.
- Fatty's named used to be Chester, when she was a boy, then when it turned out she was a girl, it changed to Chessie. Then she became Fatty because she was fat.
- Fatty shed likea mofo so you always had Fatty with you
- Fatty Tap
- We've written songs about Fatty, mostly set to Metallica songs

Ho Hum.

Jun. 18th, 2009 10:28 am
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I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that I'll be missing David Tennant in the states. I mean, sure I'm over the initial freak out, but then I'll be waiting for the videos of his panel at Comic Con and then that'll renew my regret that I wasn't able to make it. Okay, so maybe I'll get over it in a few months... by the end of the year. XD I am such a dork.

People have been asking me to post pictures of the inside of the house, but I don't think I'll be posting those until we're done unpacking. As it is, it'd be like, hey, look some boxes! Here are some more boxes! Look at these other boxes! I've also been asked for a video tour. HEHE. I think I can do that too, but it's the same answer, not until we're done unpacking. Like I said, we're not painting until Mike gets here to help us pick colors, so if you have any color suggestions for the exterior of the house, please do share. I'll try to get pics up of the rooms soon so people can throw out color ideas for the rooms. XD
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Sigh... )
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In about 4 to 6 months I probably won't be in Orlando anymore. I probably won't be in Florida actually. We'll see. I've been in a kind of somber mood because of it and I'm trying to take my mind off of it by sewing.

After Marty passed his defense in December I figured he would be done and he'd find a job in Orlando and all things would be peachy keen. In actuality Marty's been juggling between finding a job, dealing with his slackass hippie advisor, finishing his dissertation and other papers, and spending time with me and friends.

Well now it's March and Marty's been getting calls from various companies. He has some second interviews lined up so that's good. Basically the prospects are in New Orleans, Morgantown (West Virginia), Albany (NY) and Attapulgus (GA, WTF name, right?). Yep, they're all out of state. I know some people dislike Florida but I like it. Basically I just want to stay close to my family and friends.

I mean, I just made new costuming friends, why would I want to move away from them? Course, the costuming group is all over the country but the largest group is in Florida.

I'm rooting for Attapulgus, GA. Then my second choice is New Orleans. Course, this is all contingent on Marty getting an offer from those places and then seeing if the offer is worth it...

Attapulgus, GA is only a little more than a half hour north of Tallahassee. It is right on the FL-GA border. It's probably the bufu-est town but at least it's close to where there's people I know and I can still attend Megacon and Dragoncon and other conventions in the area. :)

It's actually weird to me that I'm so bummed about moving. I should be excited. I think what bothers me is not knowing and 4 to 6 months isn't very long. I'm getting anxious. o_O

Whenever we get married, it'll still be in Orlando. :P
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1-22-08 - Tails!

I took this picture because amidst all the random toys in the claw machine there was Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog sitting on the top! It also seems like such a festive photo.

Marty's staring at the blood pressure testing machine. It didn't work. I stuck my arm in there and it said there wasn't enough data to give me my blood pressure. WTF! I'm pretty sure I'm not a zombie. :P

We were walking around the mall. I wanted some buttons. I dress pretty grown-up nowadays and I like it that way, but I want some buttons to put on my purses and crap to show that I'm still a big, fat, dorky, geek thing on the inside.

I want more video game paraphernalia but it's kind of hard to find for things that aren't the most popular games ever like Halo 3. :P Maybe at the upcoming conventions I'll be able to find more stuff.

I got a button that says "To Gnome is to Love Me" and it's got two cute gnomes on it. I got a Hello Kitty button because it's standard. And then I got a couple buttons with emoticons on it such as X_X. I also got a bumper sticker that's a heart with the initials CH in it. It's supposed to be for El ChapulĂ­n Colorado which is an old 70's Mexican show which is parodied on the Simpsons with the Bumblebee Man. I got it because CH are my initials.

And yes, I am sad about the death of Heath Ledger. He wasn't one of my favorite actors but he was in a lot of movies I liked and it's sad he died so young. Completely unexpected. It wouldn't be a shock if it were Britney Spears or Amy Winehouse but I guess you gotta look out for the quiet ones. I was looking forward to the next Batman movie since he's the Joker. It'll be a somber night when that movie comes out.
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OMG, Pavarotti died today after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

He was 71.


OMG, Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly from the Office) is separating from her husband. Hmm, he wrote and directed horror movies that I don't care about (Dawn of the Dead and Slither, I suppose other people like these movies).


Aug. 6th, 2004 06:33 pm
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Rick James died today. He was young too, I mean, not so young but I suppose with all the stuff he's done... o_O That's weird, funny, and sad at the same time.


Sep. 12th, 2003 09:40 am
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John Ritter died last night from a heart problem and Johnny Cash died today from complications of diabetes. :P

The voice of Captain Murphy from Sealab also died, but I don't know when or why. At least that's what Austin said.


Jun. 5th, 2003 04:19 pm
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I want a puppy! :(


Oct. 26th, 2002 12:59 am
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Richard Harris is dead.

Who's gonna play Dumblebore in the other movies? :P

In other news, I'm going through my stuff and deciding what to bring back. I have a lot more posters than I remember. I forgot I had a FFVIII poster. ::grins:: I'm also deciding whether or not to bring back some old purses I have. I probably won't. I have the cutest pink Chibi-Usa lunchbox purse thing though.

I took some Benadryl for allergies and I think the sleepy side effects are um, affecting me. So this will be short. Night.


Oct. 5th, 2002 03:23 pm
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I'm in a bad mood. Not so much bitchy as unhappy. Not that I really am, I really don't have anything to be unhappy about but I just finished reading a manga series Marty has called Dance Til Tomorrow, he doesn't have them all, just the first four. It says there's a fifth volume online but I think that's all that's come out so far.. may be an ongoing manga or maybe the fifth one is the last one, poop if I know. Either way it's frustrating and depressing. I get really bothered with complicated situations that just shouldn't be. Like the thing that bothers me in the series is this love triangle thing and so far the guy picked the girl that I don't like... that may change later I don't know. This is just like when I played FFVII. Stupid love triangle, bothered me especially since I rooted for Tifa but everyone knows that Cloud loved Aerith. :P Oh well, at least Sephiroth killed her. ^_^ Leave it to Sephiroth to make me feel somewhat better. :)
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Questions for Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, here's one I found interesting...

Q. I just had a question. Do u ever feel embarrassed when you're writing about "that stuff"? (you know) I mean, like the editors- do they ever ask you to change anything? I really wish that you wouldn't stop Alice when she's eighteen. You should keep going! Will Patrick still be important in her life when she's 18? I just wanted to know.

A. The very, very last Alice book I write will take her from age 18 to 60, so you will know a lot more about her when that comes out. Am I ever embarrassed when I write about "that stuff"? Nope. Because "that stuff" is a very important part of life.

WAHHH! I like Patrick! It's not fair!!!!!!!! Need to wait for Simple Alice before reading Alice Alone, better come out soon damnit!

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