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Obama's budget cut of the current space program affects me two ways - first, Marty is working on the Orion Project (big impact, hello!), second, space exploration is absolutely awe-inspiring to me. I like sci-fi, I like space, I like NASA. I tend to be more Libertarian when it comes to my views on the government but it's funny because I also support NASA so you can't really be Libertarian if you support a government-funded entity, right? I donno. There's debate on privatizing space exploration and honestly, I don't have faith in it right now. Maybe later in the future, but not right now.

I wrote to my congressmen today.


Dear *****,

I'm a current resident of Slidell, Louisiana. I work for Tulane University in downtown New Orleans and my husband is an engineer for Lockheed Martin at the Michoud Facility in East New Orleans. We have only lived here for a year and a half but we bought a house and we have made Louisiana our home.

With the news of Obama's budget cutting out the NASA moon plan comes great worry. My husband is on the team for the Orion project and so are many, many of our friends.

At this point we are not sure of the future, we thought we had stability but with the announcement of the budget cuts, that stability is lost. If the Orion project is cut, so are the jobs. Clearly with the cut of the whole Constellation project are the loss of many, many jobs nationwide. I thought Obama was planning to create jobs, not destroy them?

If the Orion project is cut, what will take place at Michoud Facility? Will anything be going on at the Michoud Facility? How will that affect New Orleans?

So many questions and uncertainty. That's part of life, but as a representative I am asking you to question the budget.

Yes, I agree the budget needs to be cut, but does it have to adversely affect my family and friends and the community itself? So I'm worried. I'm worried for my family, my friends, and for everyone working on the space program in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Texas.


Christine Van Assche
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I don't like to be preachy but this has happened to me enough where I feel like I need to say something.

Yesterday a weird kid rang our doorbell to try to sell us magazines. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard the same spiel and I know it's a scam. I'ved lived in so many different apartments/houses and it's different kids, same crappy brochure, same talk of scholarship money.

I tried not to be rude to these kids because I was never sure if the kids really knew what they were doing - if maybe the companies were behind it all. There was this one time in my apartment with Marty in Gainesville, FL where I told the kid outright that I thought it was a scam and I wasn't sure if they knew it was a scam. They acted all indignant so I apologized and closed the door.

After last night I thought to look this up on the internet, because well nowadays I look up everything and I found some terrible news.

The New York Time has an article on the horror of what these kids go through -

For anyone who has ever had a regular job, this is so not legitimate. It's akin to slave labor and the abuses they go through is completely unnecessary and what the hell kind of people are running these businesses. Same crappy people who sell drugs.

There's two web sites for parents of kids involved in these magazine crews -

I just wanted to post about it because I don't know how many people are aware or know the details. Now I know as a 'customer' there's not much I can do - calling the cops won't do anything if these kids won't press charges, but one thing people can do is relay information to these kids to help them escape if they want to:

"Ms. Williams, from Parent Watch, said her organization advised customers not to buy from the sellers or to let them in the house, but to offer them a phone to call home or her organization’s phone number to help anyone who might want to arrange a bus ticket home."

I can't imagine having any of my future kids do this - but then I know the kids they prey on are the kids who don't have many choices on where to go or what to do and they just don't know.
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Mar. 26th, 2008 09:19 am
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I'm bored with my pictures. I want more variety. I have this problem where during the week there's nothing to take a picture of because it's during the week and nothing happens except that I work and go home. I see a few interesting things along the way I suppose. Then I don't post at all during the weekend because I actually do stuff and then a flood of pictures show up on Monday. Then I have an issue where I could take more pictures of myself but I really don't want to take too many pictures of myself or my dog because then it gets repetitive and boring. o_O

I really should take a picture of my Italian Renaissance dress but I still need to take it in in the back.

So... what kind of pictures do you want to see? More places, more me, more friends, more dog, more candid shots?

I think what I'm missing are candid shots.


WTF, Mate.

Feb. 11th, 2008 12:31 pm
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It's clearly obvious that I'm Asian. Most, but not all, Asians are known for looking younger than they actually are. I've run into this situation time and time again and I really don't mind it. Why would I mind? I am not in a hurry to grow up.

So this morning I'm waiting for the elevator to go to work and this older gentleman comes by to wait as well. He points to my pink Princess Peach lunchbox and says, "Nice lunchbox. Did you steal that from your daughter?"

I give him this big, fat WTF face and respond with, "No, it's my own."

That ended that conversation and I didn't look at him when we had to ride the elevator.

Do I look like I have children? Do I look old enough to have kids? I've never run into something like this before. I mean, I've been carded at a medieval faire to make sure I was 18 to look at the knives!

I'm also somewhat appalled because I feel I will always like this sort of stuff; video games, pink things, gadgets, toys. I plan to use my pink Princess Peach lunchbox until forever basically. Or until I find an even cuter lunchbox if that's even possible. Why would having this sort of thing automatically mean that it would belong to my child? I will probably have more toys than my kids because I can afford it and they can't. lol I'm kidding, I know I'll spoil them. But we'll probably end up fighting over who gets to take up the tv with video games because I get first dibs.

I'm basically overthinking it, he's old, he doesn't know me, he wanted to start a friendly conversation. The End.
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I am so mad at Maple Story!  It was the only MMO I wanted to play because it was completely non-committal and could work with my computer! 

I haven't played Maple Story in a while because I've been doing whatever, but I felt like going back this weekend and they've updated the crap out of the game to point where it won't work with my computer. 

I basically need a new graphics cards.  I got the processor and the ram, but obviously my graphics card isn't meant for gaming.  It's an old style Dell.  I've never been a huge PC gamer, only ever played the Sims and well, Maple Story... Maybe a little bit of Caesar and Oregon Trail on the side but nothing graphics-intensive. 

Back in the day when I was really interested in the Sims 2, I asked my brother about what kind of graphics card I should get but I promptly forgot it.  I just ended up playing Sims 2 on Marty's computer.  I have no idea what kind of graphics card my computer can even take because it's... kind of old.  I just know that it needs to be able to support 3D graphic engine.  I guess I'll have to ask again...  Blargh!
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This is what the US version pink DS actually looks like!  It has a black back and buttons unlike the original, cute version!  What is with the US getting screwed over every single time they bring a console/game over?  Or you anticipate a good game to come over but then they never even bring that great game over and it's in freaking Japanese and I don't read Japanese but I should learn in order to play the good games!

Also, apparently the pink DS is only going to be available at Target or Toys R Us.  WTF?  Shouldn't they be sold in game stores, you know, with the other video games?

"Dee dee dee! Since the pink DS is pink and there aren't many girl gamers, let's stick the pink DS in stores where most gamers don't actually go to get their video games, DUUUUHHH! That's so SMRT!"

For some reason, I never even thought that maybe there'd also be limited quantities since it's so freaking close to Christmas.

And video games have become so mainstream that any poser turd thinks that if they pick up an Xbox, they're instantly awesome.  I am so resentful and PMSing right now.

I think I may just go with what I was going to do before and order the original pink DS online.  At least then I'd get the white buttons.  >:|
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I hate when people knock on your door trying to sell you magazines for scholarship money and studying abroad and their credentials involve laminated pieces of paper.  This girl did just that about five minutes ago.  She was spewing about how instead of buying magazines for myself, I could have a magazine subscription sent to a children's hospital instead, but I told her I wasn't able to help her. 

Of course she asked why and I wasn't particularly feeling nice at that moment so I basically told her that I've had tons of people come by trying to be nice, trying to sell me magazines, and when I was young in high school, I did in fact pay for a subscription that never ever came and the receipt I had didn't have any phone numbers or contact information and that's when I figured out it was a scam and I told her that she wasn't necessarily trying to scam me, maybe she really did want to go to New Zealand, maybe the company she's working for is scamming her but I honesly could not take part in something that screwed me years ago. 

She seemed really miffed after I said that and started to leave so I said sorry because I didn't want to hurt her feelings or anything but she asked and I answered truthfully.  She came back with a very angry, "You don't have to say sorry." 

I donno, I didn't want to be mean but I don't like people trying to sell me stuff at my door when I'm feeling tired and not particularly well and they really are just wasting my time.  And with these magazine-selling people it's always the same thing, they're very nice and charismatic and they want to sell me magazines so they can go study abroad or get scholarship money.  I don't understand what people are behind this but it's annoying.  :P
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Okay, so I just got out of class and I'm waiting for my next class to begin so I watch the giant tv in Weimer and apparently there was a brawl at a basketball game.

Here's an article:

Anyway, this is a news brief on CNN about it and what decisions were made on the players who were involved in the brawl and the guy who's talking is asking, "Oh, what could have caused it, why did the fans get into such a frenzy?" And then he proceeded to say it was all because of violent video games and tv. o_O Now, I couldn't hear his tone, there were subtitles since there was no sound so he may have been joking. ::shrugs:: Either way, I thought he was being stupid. At the end of the brief, he's like, "Maybe they'll make a violent video game for Artest (Basketball guy involved), hahahaha."

I don't like how the media seems to blame societal issues and violence on video games and tv. I use the word seems because this is just my point of view. ::shrugs:: I suppose it could be a factor in certain things but it just seems ignorant. I play video games and I haven't killed anyone yet. Now I feel kind of silly for wanting to post this, but oh well. :)


Sep. 10th, 2003 12:25 pm
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Today sucks my ass. That is all.


Sep. 3rd, 2003 11:03 pm
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I reread my last post. I noticed that I said I wouldn't talk about it then but I ended up doing so anyway. I talk too much. ::grins::


Feb. 27th, 2002 03:11 am
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So I'm trying to fix up my own journal but I only know what I'm doing half the time. I'm trying to fix my background but it only shows up once in a while. What am I supposed to do about a background that shows up when it feels like it and not all the time! Then after figuring out all this stuff I have to figure out how to deal with my entries because you can go back twenty entries and that's it. You can go back to the recent entries and you can't go back twenty more entries so you're stuck in my past twenty entries. At least when I was doing webpages back in the day I knew what I was doing most of the time...
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Though I guess I shouldn't judge the people who put flyers on my door. Not like they get paid much. So some time last week I was coming home with groceries and there was this doorknob flyer for some crappy pizza place. There's a storage room right next to our apartment so I just stuck the flyer onto the knob of that door. I didn't want to grab it and throw it away, I figure I'd pick it up next time I was around and I wasn't carrying a lot of groceries. I could have just left it on our apartment doorknob but it'd be annoying to have to use the door with the flyer in my way. Well, I go out again later in the week and when I come back I see two more flyers but they put them on the storage room door. What idiots! I mean, it's really not hard to tell which is the right door. Oh well, keeps the flyers off my door. Will have to throw away those stupid things eventually though.
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Yeah, I want Christmas! And now I can't even find my South Park Christmas cd, pisses me off!


Jun. 17th, 2001 02:18 am
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There's a new Alice book and I haven't read it yet but I read some reviews and of course, I get spoilers because come on, it's a pre-teen book and you're gonna get stupid teeny boppers who say things that probably shouldn't be said about the book when it's a review. Now I'm going to have to wait for the next Alice book to come out before I read this one because I know this one's going to piss me off thoroughly and will need the one after that to calm me down. Vivian! BLAH!
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Actually, I don't really care anymore. Stupid person though. They call my cell phone and then I'm all like Hello? Hello! This was at 8:30 in the morning, I was not happy. I hope they're suffering in a vat of fat lithuanian midgets. Moo!

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