Mar. 21st, 2002 12:58 pm
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You know what I love??? Mail! You know why??? It means potential roommates! ::dances::


Mar. 12th, 2002 05:48 pm
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I got a postcard from Dave!!! He said he was gonna send me one. He found a weird one to send me. It's really fucked up.

On the front it has a picture of a cowboy riding a "Jack Rabbit" and in the background it's got a normal cowboy herding cows. In red letters it says, "Cowboy Punching Cattle of a Jack Rabbit".

On the back it says...

Cowboy Riding Jack Rabbit
Jack rabbits large enough to ride is an old Texas myth. Of coures, everything is big in Texas. Bluebonnets is the state flower and rabbits, hereford cattle, cowboys, oak trees, and Bluebonnets are all familiar scenes. We have about 12 1/2 million friendly people here in Texas and a few old sore heads. Ya'll Come!

That's exactly what it says, word for word. Dave's funny.
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Okay so when I get home I get two things in the mail. One, an invitation to a lingerie party from Archie, which was expected. The second thing, a Newport News catalog. What the hell is this? Looking through... lots and lots of bathing suits. Is someone trying to tell me they want me to get a new bathing suit? Psychos.

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