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5-3-08 - Marty Graduated, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Marty's graduation was Saturday morning. We drove to Gainesville the night before, then we drove back to Orlando after the ceremony. The ceremony wasn't too bad. Back in Orlando, his parents held a reception of sorts at Interlachen to celebrate.

All the food was awesome. I couldn't stop eating the curry chicken appetizers. Dessert was cheesecake. There was also a fancy salad and the main meal was chicken with fancy potatoes and some other vegetable that I didn't pay any attention to.

There were a lot of speeches.

It was a nice experience overall and I'm proud of Marty. I'm gonna marry the Doctor. BWAHAHAHA. Not a medical doctor, not a time lord but close enough.

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Oki has been amazingly cuddly since Marty returned from G-ville.

I think she missed Marty. She lied in his lap all Saturday night when we were hanging out. I took a crapload of pictures and this one was my favorite.

Usually she's quite ornery and contrary which I don't mind because she's more that way with certain people that aren't us. I like her spunk. I was actually a little worried because she was all lethargic and malleable as opposed to spunky, but she was fine.
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2-14-08 - Valentine's Fondue

This is just ONE course of our Valentine's Day fondue dinner last night. Rob and Marty prepared a very nice three-course fondue meal for Ashley and I.

First we had cheese with bread and apples. The cheese was a nice mix which I can't think of right now, but it was smoky and had shrimp in it. :)

Second we had meat! We had a sort of Thai porkchops with peanut sauce. We had to make sure the fondue sticks wouldn't fall into the oil, that would've been burn-y for. But it was so good!

Lastly we had chocolate with nuts with various fruits and angel food cake. YUMMY!

We had to take intermissions between each meal to settle down and to prepare for the next course.

We also had great conversations ranging from different costume parties we would like to have such as dress as what you hate or dress as your ethnic stereotype to the boys talking about strapping various car parts to Marty's car to make sure it blows things up to Ashley and I reminiscing on how she put on one of my failed clothing prototypes upside-down and we almost had to cut her out of it. o_O

All in all a good night. ^_^
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Marty and I.

It's good to have Marty around again. After a year and a half of long distance, I was about ready to tear my hair out amongst other terrible things. I think I handled it decently but it was pretty awful when I was working at Target, things were just bad in general because I worked there :P

We're still not quite settled. He's in the process of finding a job and things are looking up in that department. We'll see. And he's still going back and forth between Gainesville but he's in Orlando more often than not. He finished his defense but his paper is not yet done and his adviser is being a real slowass, oldmanhobag in helping him.

I'm not worried about Marty finding a job, I'm just worried about where he'll find a job. o_O I'm not against moving, I would just prefer to stay in Orlando for right now.

But yeah, can't complain right now. No date on the wedding still cause now the parents are waiting for him to get a job and make sure we're settled economically before we blow a lot of money on the wedding and honeymoon.

We've picked our site though. ^_^ Marty's family friend offered her estate to us for any use and I'm thinking, "Maybe we could do our rehearsal dinner there..." I had only been to her place a few times and while it was gorgeous I never knew how big it was until she gave us a full tour. After touring the grounds, I absolutely fell in the love so that's where the ceremony and reception will be! The front yard will be for the ceremony. It's not a typical front yard. It is in front of the house but it's completely enclosed with giant hedges and there's wrought iron gates and leafy arches and it's awesome!

One of the gates leads to the backyard where it's decorated very nicely and there's lots of room and a nice pool with a fountain and that's where the reception will be. She said she'd open up the whole first floor for the guest to mingle between the outside and the inside.

I didn't take any pictures because I didn't want to seem rude, but next time I visit, we'll take pictures. I suppose once we start the real planning I'll have to go there more often to assess the decorations and things. :P

So yeah, another wedding semi-update. By the looks of things, we probably won't get married until late this year or early 2009.

I was getting impatient but with all of the other weddings and engagements going on, I'm okay with waiting. I just want my own day.

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1-12-08 - Last day of Marty beard?

So after New Years Marty had to go back to G-ville to finish up some stuff. When he returned earlier this week, he had grown a beard. o_O Now I prefer my men clean-shaven but I suppose I don't mind the beard too much.

He may be shaving his beard quite soon, possibly tomorrow. We're not sure. He doesn't seem to care too much and like I said, I prefer clean-shaven, but I don't care right now. Maybe if there were a special occasion, I would make him shave but whatever. Hehe. Basically we're ambivalent.

Anyways, until he shaves it off, I wanted a 'before' picture. Ha! The shadow of his hair makes his hair look bigger than it actually is. Tis the curse of dark hair.
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You're old! But that's okay.

There's a bunch of presents waiting for you in Orlando. Hope you're having a good day. ^_^


Nov. 26th, 2006 01:42 pm
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Marty and I are engaged.  We haven't set a date and I'm honestly not sure where to start.  I'll figure it out.  It's kind of exciting.  :)


It's been almost six months since I've moved to Orlando.

I think it's time for some spring (winter) cleaning.
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I forgot to mention something somewhat important. On June 2 was the four year anniversary for Marty and I. Isn't that weird? It doesn't feel like it's been that long. Marty and I are just so... comfortable with each other. We have our little quarrels but we have such great communication. Anything and everything is open for discussion. There is no one else that I trust more. Everything is good. I mean, for the most part.

Once I get back from Hong Kong, I'm moving to Orlando. It's really not a big deal cept the last relationship I had ended up being long distance for a time and that ended badly. Course, I was totally different, naive, stupid, and crazy. Not to mention the whole relationship was young and stupid anyways. So things should be much better this time. The distance is temporary, just a year, Marty will finish his PhD. Then we'll go wherever he gets a job or maybe we'll stay in Orlando. Depends on who has the higher pay, I assume it'll be him. Hehe. Will decide when the day comes. No biggie. Orlando is so freaking close to Gainesville anyways, whatever. I've got friends. Hehe.

It's no surprise that we'll probably get married some time in the future. It's assumed, but nothing official yet. That's up to him. ;) We've already talked about the future, jobs, kids, etc. Getting married is so annoying though because then your anniversaries start over. As if the past years you were together don't count. Sheesh.

I guess we'll be celebrating our four years here in Hong Kong. Marty will be here tomorrow. Will take lots of pictures. ^_^
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Call me a dork.  Marty and I will be on our first plane trip together tomorrow!  WOO!

Yay for Laura's wedding! 

Ah, amor.

Jun. 22nd, 2005 01:22 pm
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I got RAM from Marty for our anniversary amongst other small things.  My computer is no longer teh suck.



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Oh yeah, today is the third year anniversary for Marty and I. Yay for us. It hasn't seemed like that long, and then at the same time it seems like three isn't that big of a number. ::grins:: I could say more, like we have such a great relationship, blah blah blah, but we already know that. It's all good. :D


I love you, Marty.

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Marty and I decided that he can sleep with Lucy Liu and I get Stephen Colbert. 
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After getting off the bus I walked to the mailbox to check for mail and there was nothing. :P On the way though I saw this girl walking her little shih tzu and it was the cutest thing in the world! When I walked to the apartment the girl let the shih tzu run up to me and I got to pet it and we talked a little and she said they only got it a couple weeks ago from a breeder in Ocala. She said they only paid $115 because this particular little shih tzu couldn't have babies! What a great deal! I mean, I would normally get the dog spayed anyway! Back in the day, Pepper was $350!
I want a shih tzu!
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His presence just makes me so happy.  I have definitely missed him.  I gave him presents, he got me a present.  He got me Down with Love which neither of us had actually seen.  We watched it tonight and it was great!  I had wanted to see it in the theaters but that never happened.  With today's prices, who goes to the theater anymore unless they reeeaaallly want to see the movie.  ::grins::  Anyways, it was just wonderful.  They filmed the movie as if it was from the 60's.  I just loved that.  I loooove old movies.  Makes me want to go watch Audrey Hepburn now, such as Paris, When it Sizzles.  ^_^ 

New York

Jul. 4th, 2004 07:00 pm
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I'm alive and well in New York. Marty has come and gone and I'm still here for another week and a half. Here's a somewhat short summary of what has happened so far.

On Wednesday Marty and I took separate planes and came in at approximately the same time. We had relatively late flights so we missed dinner. We stopped at the first random pizza place for food. We got yummy New York pizza. Mmm... my uncle doesn't seem to understand that there's a difference in pizzas across the states. I mean, sure you can get Pizza Hut and Papa John's the same, but not from small local restaurant.

On Thursday we took it easy. All we really did was go to the Roosevelt Field mall on Long Island. It's a hugeass mofo mall, three stories of shops. I bought a buttload of stuff. I got two dresses, a pair of businessy pants, a skirt, and two tops. I also got some presents for my cousins since I've never actually bought anything for them and it's my duty as an older person to buy them stuff. ::grins:: Marty bought clothes too. ^_^ When we got back, all my family was there for dinner so we had family socialization time and whatnot. It was cool. Everyone seemed to like Marty and they remarked on his good eat-everything skill and how tall he is. We spent a lot of time talking and reminiscing. At the end of the night we watched the Last Samurai. I hadn't seen it before and I was hesitant to because of Tom Cruise but it was actually really quite good. I knew I would like it but I always loathe to watch dramas.

On Friday Marty and I took to the city and we went to the Empire State building. We took pictures and it was good fun. A bunch of tourists remarked how it wasn't worth the wait but I figure everyone should go at least once. We met up with Mike, the RT, afterwards and he showed us around the East Village. He showed us all these neat stores and we ate at a nice sushi restaurant. I bought so much cool stuff including a kickass red patent wallet. It is the coolest wallet! I love it. I also bought presents for people. ^_^


On Saturday we went to the Met. There was so... much... art. Marty took a lot of really great pictures. ^_^ I think my favorite part was looking through the art galleries where they filmed the Thomas Crown Affair. Oh! And the sculptures, and the huge Egyptian sarcophagi, oh! And the arms and armaments exhibit. Afterwards we met up with Penis, Mike, and his woman, Katie. We saw Spiderman 2 and went to this really cool restaurant called Penange. We got to sit in this giant bronze thing. It reminded Penis of a spaceship and Katie of a silo. ::grins:: The food was really good and we had a good time. Tres chic.


Today Marty and I just hung around the house until we had to drive him to the airport. I feel like my short summary hasn't described enough but oh well. ::grins:: I have to go eat dinner now. Happy 4th everybody!
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Um, basically:

  • Orlando Musuem of Art - Very cool exhibits, especially Chihuly and children's books art.
  • Prisoner of Azkaban movie - Snuck in sushi to eat instead of buying expensive candy - I don't know how they're going to do the rest of the movies because the books are larger with more details and they compacted the hell out of PoA.
  • Expensive-ass restaurant I can't recall the name of - Creme brulee for dessert. ::drools::
  • Downtown Disney - Walked around the stores, spent a lot of time at the Virgin megastore
  • Caribbean Beach Resort - 'Nough said.
  • Mall at Millenia - You know, I can't get enough of the malls in Orlando. I loooove shopping.
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It's been two years! Go me and Marty. ::grins::

It doesn't seem like it has been that long, but it has. Anniversaries are funny to me but I won't get into it. I just wanted to say that it doesn't surprise me that Marty and I have been together this long because we are so comfortable with each other. But yeah, yay!
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Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty Marty.

I don't mention Marty enough. ::hugs Marty::

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