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May. 6th, 2003 11:14 am
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Been playing lots of Toejam and Earl and King's Bounty for Genesis emulator on laptop. Also been reading my Archie comics. Okay, that's what I've been doing to pass the time.

Also, the bamboo Marty gave to my parents have been growing very nicely and they are still growing. It's like a metaphor for our relationship except that means the bamboo must never die. ::grins::
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So I'm going home now. I usually don't leave this early but it's poopy Thanksgiving today and I want to beat the traffic. ::grins::

Hey woman, we'll turn the lab in Monday, she won't be checking her mailbox today.

I s'pose I'll see everyone in a few days, have a good break people. ^_^


Jun. 26th, 2002 07:57 pm
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So I'm cleaning out my closet because mommy said to clean it out and I find a poster that our little group made years ago. Basically the group was Vivian, Stahly, Hammy, and I. Anyway, I think one of us wasn't there but I'm not quite sure if it was Stahly or Hammy. It's hilarious! It's titled, "THE BASE SYSTEM" and it's an explanation of the Bases. You know, first base, kissing or whatever, like that, hehe. Surrounding our little baseball diamond are drawings of each of us and decorations pertaining to sexual acts and a lot of funkyass stuff. There's drawings of pickles, some farm animals, a closet (I don't remember what went on in this closet...), a picture of a guy cut out from a magazine that we decorated, Vivian drawing on Lars' ass, and finally, there's a picture that I don't understand. It's a picture of me under a blanket and asking "HOW???" Then there's Vivian asking apparently asking our old friend Sarah, "HOW???" I'll have to ask Vivian. Must be really funny though. ::grins:: Hehe.
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I'm home now. Well, my home where my parents live. The trip was fun, and really cold. Let me think of where to start.. That Friday was weird because there were complications on when we would leave. Vivian and I spent the day running errands while Matt was doing Matt things. We finally left around 7, I think that's when we left. Vivian started the drive but then she almost killed us so Matt took over. She had a horrible headache. "Vivian was disappointed." We got there around 12. It was as I said before, cold. Adam was up but her parents were asleep. We had to set up our own beds and crap. It was sad. Vivian and Matt had to sleep in a bed with a hole in it and I was left on the couch with three layers of rags. Actually, I'm exaggerating, I didn't have rags, but they were thin blankets. I wasn't exaggerating about Vivian and Matt sleeping in a bed with a hole in it though.

I woke up to find her parents wandering to the kitchen. It was about 7:00 in the morning.

Vivian's mom: The Kids are here!
Vivian's dad: No they're not.
Vivian's mom: Look on the couch!
Vivian's dad: That's Adam.
Me: Nope, it's me, Christine.
Vivian's mom: See, it's Christine.

I fall back asleep and they do their parenting stuff. By the time everyone's awake the parents come back with a ton of groceries.

I don't quite remember what happens after this. Vivian's mom starts a fire in the fireplace. We eat food. Then we go to this weird little Georgian mall and buy bras. Well, Vivian and I did. There were other purchases. I think we stopped at K-Mart too. Yeah, Matt had to buy boxers because he hadn't any clean ones to bring on the trip. That might have been a bit personal to say but I donno, seemed like it was a big deal on the trip. ::grins::

Conversation interpreted Daria-style

Matt: I need underwear.
Vivian: You need underwear? There's some underwear over there!
Vivian's mom: What the matter Matt, you need shorts?
Vivian's dad: What's wrong?
Vivian's mom: It's Matt, he needs shorts.
Vivian's dad: You need shorts Matt? There's some shorts over there. See those shorts? You can buy those shorts over there!

Hmm, poor Matt. Oh well, I think it's funny. ::grins:: So then later we walked a bit around downtown. I bought myself some more postcards. Ah, I love postcards. Anybody who wants to send me postcards, feel free to do so, hehe. Lessee, what else... well, after a little bit of downtown we went back home to eat food. It was sooooooooooooooooooo good. Fried boneless chicken. Tons of mashed potatoes with gravy. Spinach, corn, yeast rolls! We ate a lot. And then there was pumpkin pie to be eaten later! After that we played scattegories which I've always loved. I think I should get it sometime except for the fact that I don't have many friends who are board game people. I donno, I like playing board games, least the ones I like. ::grins:: Then we just kinda lounged around because we were all too stuffed. You know what's a funny word? Portly.

I think I'm going to write about the trip in parts so here's the end of part 1.

I'm back!

Mar. 6th, 2002 12:38 am
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In Gainesville that is. I have a lot to tell. I would tell now but no. I'll write about it all later, probably tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going home home. Too much driving damnit. Oh well. I would have gone home tonight cept it's way too late to drive another three and a half hours. :> Moo moo moo, yeah okies that's it.
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I'm unpacking now, I'm home, hehe. I'm taking forever! Too much crap!


May. 23rd, 2001 08:21 pm
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Yeap, I'm packing. That's all, gonna go back home! HOME! I'm still deciding whether or not to do an optional paper for Astronomy. I probably need it to Sat, but then I just don't want to do it either. I donno... I have time to decide.

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