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Why does Santa have three gardens?

So he can ho, ho, ho! XD
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D*C Pocket Program, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

I'm going through the Dragon*Con Pocket Program and I come across this panel.

Asian in America.

Wow! I am so amused. I'm also extremely curious. I doubt I'll have time to attend, my schedule is pretty crazy, but yeah. XD

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And I wanna do the Tinkerballa costume for Dragon*Con but there isn't enough time although it's fairly simple. Oh wells, maybe another convention.

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Copied and pasted from the New Orleans LJ community... )
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I want every one of my family and friends to look like Benedictine monks.


No, I'm not seriously getting these. :P
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Dude, I need to break the law so I can meet Steven Seagal.


LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Steven Seagal is heading to the small screen, signing to star in a reality series for A&E that will chronicle his little-known life in law enforcement.

Segal, an actor and martial arts expert with a seventh-degree black belt in aikido, has been working as a fully commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana for the past 20 years. In addition to going out on patrol, Seagal is said to be an expert marksman who has worked with the Jefferson Parish SWAT team and has instructed officers in firearms and hand-to-hand combat.

"Steven Seagal: Lawman" will follow Seagal and a team of deputies as they respond to crimes in progress and also focus on Seagal's off-duty ventures, including musical performances and philanthropic efforts in Jefferson Parish and New Orleans.

"I believe it's important to show the nation all the positive work being accomplished here in Louisiana -- to see the passion and commitment that comes from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in this post-Katrina environment," Seagal said of his decision to do the series.

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Marty was playing a territories game on Halo 3 and his entire team quit. He kept playing until the end of the game despite that fact.

Kid on Other Team: We're sorry your team quit.
Kid on Other Team 2: Yeah, they were n00bs.

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I love the Office (PB+J) but I'm not really interested in seeing the Rocker. They've got some pretty amusing marketing going on for the movie though. It started on MySpace when Rainn Wilson (Dwight) decided to hijack Jenna's (Pam's) MySpace and wrote out a ransom note saying he kidnapped Jenna. Now there's a blog/website for the Free Jenna campaign.

Here's the ransom note: )
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8-1-08 - Chicken Poop, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

I saw this in a store. WTF? That doesn't make me want to buy it although it's amusing. :D

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Supreme Court Rules Death Penalty Is 'Totally Badass'


On a more serious note, I know people have differing views on the death penalty and that's fine. This video is completely ridiculous, funny, and awesome. I love the movie references.
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7-12-08 - Lambic, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Aleesha is in a long distance relationship with her man, Wes. He visited. We drank. She doesn't drink beer except lambic. That's pretty much my philosophy. I'm not a fan of beer, but I like lambic.

The lambic had a cork in it and we didn't have a corkscrew, so Wes used a golf tee to jam the cork into the bottle. :D

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6-28-08 - Haha, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Saturday was another day of shopping. Went to World Market to pick up a table. Now we have a really nice dining table. :D I turned the little table into my sewing table in the study, BWAHAHAHAAA.

We also stopped by the Slidell Army Surplus store. There were funny signs on the front door. I was impressed by the size of the store as well as the selection. Some army surplus stores are kind of meh but this one's freaking awesome. They had no shortage of awesome stuff.

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6-23-08 - Haha, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

This is one side of the Scuttlebutt billboard and you can see the Scuttlebutt sign underneath it. This is the skanky side. The other side is the fat side.

I like the little car over on the left. Guess there used to be an auto-related shop next door. Scuttlebutt must have taken on their clients. Nope, can't shop for cars, need to see strippers.

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6-4-08 - Scuttlebutt, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

The whole sign says Scuttlebutt. It's the name of a gentleman's club in town. On the left side of the building, there's a billboard advertising Scuttlebutt. On one side of the billboard is a fat lady and on the other side is a skanky lady. So at Scuttlebutt, they have fat and skanky. The name of this place amuses me to no end.

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5-30-08 - Trapped, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Before I left for Jacksonville, Ashley kept telling me how I couldn't leave. She said it about fifty times before I got suspicious. So when I finally opened the door to the garage, it all became clear. At that point I could not leave.

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5-9-08 - Hello Kitty Surprise, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

So a dear friend of mine visited for the weekend. Ming came into town too so it was a nice weekend overall with friends from out of town.

Anyways, so this friend had gotten me a gift that he had bought a year ago but kept forgetting to give me since we live in separate towns.

If you can figure out what it is, good for you. ;) If not, just ask.

I don't remember the entire conversation from a year ago but I basically challenged him on something and somehow it led to him getting me this present. I did not imagine him going through with it but now I know better.

Would it be in poor taste to display this in a glass case in my home?

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"Yeah I have a lot of questions. Number 1. How dare you?"
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For the past few weeks our house has been going through some renovations. Our landlady has been redecorating our bathrooms against our will. We would prefer to have it done after we move out but she's a turd and we have no choice. It's completely inconvenient to us but whatever. One good reason to move. Other than that, it has been pretty peachy living here.

With the renovations of the bathrooms, they completely gutted the tubs and the trash collectors apparently don't take whole tubs or so Rob says... I don't know why. Today, Rob left the tub out and put up these signs. The tub was gone within the hour after the signs were put up.

How weird is that?
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One of Rob's old friends visited this weekend. His name is Nick, he's very nice, and his parent live in the Turks and Caicos in a Jurassic-park type estate.

The boys went biking on the trails as they normally do and Nick had a brush with death. Whenever Marty and Rob go out on the trails, they get all banged up because of the trees and the crashing and the falling. Somehow the bikes survive.

Anyways... Nick at one point got some roots caught up in his bike and he fell onto a sabal-palm-branch-bush-thing. Basically the branch went right through his shirt and that's the hole and the picture doesn't show the second hole on the back of the shirt. He's also got some cuts and bruises but he's alive. I think it's weird that a plant almost impaled our friend.
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I need to upload all the pictures from Aimee and Steve's wedding but I probably won't do that until lunch. Basically it was a short, sweet wedding with a fun reception and it was incredibly nice to see everyone again. The guys also decided to Rick Roll the wedding. The night went by a little too fast.

I think we need a yearly reunion after all the weddings are done. :P

I'll probably post all the pictures on Facebook and possibly MySpace. Not to mention I need to email them to Aimee and Steve. o_O

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