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So it's been three months since Dragon*Con.

Like I said, I'm terrible. XD

Too Many Pics! )

That was fun and we're already all set for going next year. Lot of conventions I want to go to but not enough time and/or money. Poot. I'm glad Dragon*Con is a default.

Oh! Oh! The epic finale!

A decent Tenth Doctor. I was happy. I was also kind of tipsy when this picture was taken. Didn't have the good camera but had my iPhone.
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I was going to post pictures saying this is a summary of the past month, but that's a lie. This is a weekend when Mike, "the RT," visited us. It was awesome. :D

This is Mike doing his design/architect thing where he helped us pick paint colors for the walls and such. He made us a color board.

Went out for drive-thru daiquiris and watched MST3K at home. OK Connery was freaking hilarious! I laughed out loud quite literally.


We went to the birthday party of Mango, the bulldog. She turned 1. Oki and Mango shared some cake. :D

Mango and Oki
While driving around, Marty remembered there was a fort in the area and so we stopped by.
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The house is coming along. Marty and I went to World Market over the weekend and bought a nice media center/tv stand, a console/side table and a big wood cube for the record player and to store all our records.

I don't think I'll be going to SDCC. Vivian and I planned but it's really not so feasible at the last minute, too late to plan, and no money to do it (least for me what with the house and all). Someone from the Wolf Pack Elite is going to see if he can get an autograph from David Tennant. I think his chances are slim because David isn't doing an autograph session and SDCC is different from other cons. More promotion, less about the fans. He thinks he has a chance though because he got his picture taken with John Barrowman last year due to his awesome Captain America costume, hehehe. Either way, it's really nice to know that someone's going to try. That's all I can ask for. It's a sweet gesture.

I am getting really excited for Dragon*Con! I seriously need to make all my costumes right now. Not right now, right now. My sewing room is organized, but I need a cutting/work table, stat! Ikea is freaking crazy with their shipping charges. $300 for a $50 table, I don't think so! I just need a large table where I can cut fabric dammit and I don't want to spend more than 100 bucks dammit! I think I can get what I want at Office Depot. We'll see, I'll check it out this weekend.

Mike, the RT, is in town! He's wandering New Orleans as we speak. Ima meet him up for lunch, woohoo!
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I'm kind of tired. Got a lot of sleep last night though, so that's good.

Friday night dropped Oki off to spend the weekend with her boyfriend, Ernie. She did alright, but she's developed separation anxiety. It's not because of this past weekend although we didn't realize what it was until this past weekend. It's been an ongoing combination of leaniency and our stupid, loud, and obnoxious upstairs neighbors in the past couple of months that's made her really anxious. Hopefully we can get this fixed before we leave for London. o_O

Woke up at 4:30 in the morning to catch a 6:00 am flight to Miami. Spent the day running errands and going to Ikea, hehe. Checked into the hotel, met up with Andrew and Brian, and got ready for Austin and Megan's wedding. The wedding was delayed but overall it was nice and it was good to see friends. :) Megan was completely gorgeous. I'm very happy for Austin and Megan. Marty and I had to duck out of the party earlyish since we had to wake up early the next morning to go Orlando. o_O Luckily, Dan was able to give a later ride to Andrew and Brian.

Marty and I woke up and drove to Orlando so I could make a hair appointment with Ashley for her wedding. OMG, so many weddings. It was a fun time at the salon with the girls. :D I got curls, no updo - that's all I wanted. Running around the mall trying to find ivory thigh-highs was fun. Hehe. Stopped at Bahama Breeze for quick eats, then off to the gardens to prepare Ashley for the wedding. It was such a good time - I really liked the intimacy of Ashley and Rob's wedding. Just hanging out with friends in fancy clothes. :D Even after the reception we all just hung out. I really miss my friends.

Monday morning we had to wake up early to take Laura to the airport. Then Marty and I went to get our marriage license. YAY. We had some time to talk to Marty's mom about our own wedding stuff. Egads. I can't believe we're next. I know weddings are a big shindig, but all I really want is to just hang out with my friends.

The rest of Monday was running around Dawn, Kyle, Ashley, Rob, and British Andrew. :D Our flight back to New Orleans was around 5ish. So yeah, every day was a travel day.

There's other stuff going on. Some good, some not so good. I can't wait for the weekend. LOL


Mar. 5th, 2009 12:01 pm
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Last night was the weekly dinner thing I do with the girls (and sometimes Aleesha's guy-friends from work show up). We went to the Palace Cafe for dinner which was fabulous. I really enjoyed my entree. I had Shrimp Tchefuncte which was shrimp and mushrooms in a muniere sauce with popcorn rice. The muniere sauce was a very simple Worcestershire-based sauce but it was sooooooooo good.

For dessert we went down Magazine Street to Sucre. It's this extremely cute dessert shop as seen in this photo. I got a creme brulee for myself and a fancy coffee cake to bring home to Marty.

I love Magazine Street. It is by far my favorite street in New Orleans, neverending street of cute shops.
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12-15-08 - Old Time Photos, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

The girls and I literally spent the whole day in New Orleans. Ate an expensive breakfast at Brennan's, went shopping, walked, shopped some more, ate beignets at Cafe du Monde, had drinks on Bourbon Street...

After Bourbon Street we passed by this old time photo place and decided we needed an old time photo. o_O

The place was tiny, dirty, and kind of creepy. Vivian thinks the photographer was gay. I don't think I was nearly drunk enough to think it was a good idea but we did it anyways. LOL

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12-6-08 - Christmas Party, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

We went to Marty's office party earlier this month. It was at a country club and it was very nice. Open bar and good food! Nom nom nom... They handed out antlers to everybody. :)

From left to right is Nicole (Ernie the other welsh corgi's owner), Melissa, me, Aleesha, and Aimee (Mango the Bulldog's owner).

I had a good time. It was relatively weird watching some of the higher-ranked, older people from Marty's work be drunk. o_O

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10-6-08 - Basket, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

A small group us got together to give Ryan and Nicole a gift basket. :) Ryan and Nicole are Ernie's owner. Ernie and Oki are boyfriend and girlfriend, bwahahahaa.

I made them Hello Kitty waffles. :)

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8-31-08 - Wolf Pack Elite Party, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

We got to sleep in on Sunday. That was nice. My feet were killing me. We spent some time at the Walk of Fame. I got autographs from Gareth David-Lloyd and James Hong (Lo Pan). :D I also got Vivian an autograph from Gareth. He's quite charming. XD

We sat in on some short films since one of our friends, Bill/Wesker, entered a film in the festival. His film was freaking awesome, but I had seen it before at the Enzian before. It was nice to be there in support though.

Sunday night was the big, fat Wolf Pack Elite party. Dag, yo. Epic party. There was a stage with a couple great DJs and some pole dancing. There were also mini-shows, like Eidolon doing an awesome sword dance, or Joshua (he won at the Masquerade for doing sword work as well) doing his thing with fire.

The VIP section was pretty crazy as well. Lessee, the celebrities that showed up were Aaron Douglas (BSG), Tahmoh Penikett (BSG), James Callis (BSG), Ray Park (Darth Maul), Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood), Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville), and Matthew Lewis (Neville). I think that's it. :D

In this picture from left to right is Jigger (I love this guy!), Khetara, Bishop, and me. :D

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8-24-08 - Wonton Factory, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Sunday was China Fest. One of Marty's co-workers, Travis (pictured in the middle), got everyone together to build a kite, make wontons, and watch the end of the Olympics. Kites were invented by the Chinese just in case you didn't know.

In the picture from left to right is me, Nicole, Travis, Paul, Vanessa, and Molly.

Mmm... wontons. I wanna make cheese wontons now.

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7-25-08 - Poker Night, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Friday night was poker night. Texas Hold 'Em! I was one of the last four out of ten people! I did better than I thought I would in terms of winning hands, but it was a winner take all situation so in the end there can be only one.

Every time someone lost all their chips, we took a shot of tequila. o_O There were also lots of snacks. Mmm.. nacho cheese, guacamole, pizza. Made me happy.

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7-22-08 - Mini!, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

This is Aleesh's Mini. It's tiny and old. We took a ride around the neighborhood and looked at nice houses, bwahahahaha.

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7-10-08 - Beer Cave, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

We went to the beer cave on Thursday night. It was freaking cold in there.

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7-6-08 - Golfing, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

On Sunday we went to the driving range. o_O This is the second time I've ever gone golfing. It's pretty challenging. :P It's not strength, it's technique; which is hard to get considering the movements and crap are kind of awkward.

Marty gave me an old set of women's clubs so I have my own and he's got a set from his dad.

Golfing's a good thing to learn if you want to climb the corporate ladder. Not that I'm on any ladder right now but Marty's co-workers seem to be decent golfers.

So we had a great time at the driving range and then we practiced chipping and putting, and then lunch! Lunch was my favorite part.

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7-4-08 - Corgis, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

So we celebrated July 4th with Marty's co-workers. Specifically at Nicole and Ryan's house. They're Ernie's owners. Ernie and Oki would not stop playing... except for a short rest pictured here. There were a bunch of other people there but I have more dog pictures than people pictures, hehe.

There was a ton of food. I made baked macaroni and cheese. There was pasta salad, burgers, chicken, corn, potatoes, home-made ice cream, two batches of brownies... We ate snacks, chatted, played the Wii, ate more food, chatted some more, played with the dogs, drank daiquiris and pina coladas, watched the fireworks. Typical 4th. :)

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6-27-08 - Beignets, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Friday was a fun day, but a long day. o_O Marty had the day off so that was cool... but I had an interview. So I went to the interview in the morning, then I went back home to change, then I went shopping with some girls; Aleesha, Sofie, and Melissa.

We've been hanging out with Aleesha a lot lately. She's the half-Hawaiian chick. Sofie and Melissa are two others from Marty's work. It was weird having a day out with the girls. Dude, we went to this really cute store on Magazine Street. I need to go back when I get a job because they had the cutest dresses at decent prices! Then we wandered around the Lakeside Mall in Metairie. I picked up a pair of cute, neutral heels suitable for work and a bag of beignets. I was impressed with the size of the mall. It pleased me.

After that, Aleesha and I went back to meet up with Marty, Nicole, and Ryan for dinner at this other Asian place called South Seas. I much, much prefer the sushi there to Osaka. The rolls were huuuuge and tasty. But Osaka's good for udon. THEN we saw Wall-E.

Long day.

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6-14-08 - Boys, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Marty, Rob, and Jason.

Marty and I were able to see a lot of people during our visit to Holando. For lunch we hung out with Stahly and her man, Mike. Then we met up with Jason and walked around the Florida Mall. Then dinner with Ashley, Rob, Racoon, and Jason. Then Marty's 10-year high school reunion. Then went over to Clutch's house where we hung out with some afortmentioned people as well as Clutch and Connor. I wish we had more time but oh wells. I'll see half those people at DragonCon. :D

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6-13-08 - Bestest Friends, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Marty and I had lunch with Mike Lindsay and his woman, Lizzie. We don't get to see them very often but when we do, it's always good times. We ate at Jason's Deli. I left my leftovers at Marty's parent's house. :P

This is the third of a series of photos where Marty and Mike pose with their thumbs up. They have one from freshmen year of undergrad, they have another from late undergrad /early grad school (?) and now we have this one.

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6-8-08 - Bouldering, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

This is one of Marty's many co-workers that I have met in the past week. I've only been here a week. o_O Her name is Alesha and she's half Dutch/German, half Hawaiian. I think that' s cool, bwahahahaa.

We went bouldering at the local rock gym. Marty and I are used to rock climbing (Marty moreso) but this was a trip just for bouldering since that's Alesha's specialty. She prefers outdoor bouldering, but there's not much in the way of rocks and mountains out here, hehe.

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5-31-08 - Elelator, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

I actually took quite a few photos during my big Saturday road trip to Louisiana. Made a couple pertinent stops; one in Tallahassee and one in Panama City Beach. I didn't want to leave either of those locations. I had great fun seeing Vivian, Stahly, and company. :( I'll see Stahly in another weekend.

This picture is from the hotel elevator in Panama City Beach. Wrath of Con was going on and many of my Wolf Pack Elite friends were there. I stopped by to give hugs and get a t-shirt. This picture was taken by Raccoon. He wouldn't stop taking pictures. o_O That's okay though. They turned out pretty well. :D

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