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The problem with Inara is there are a million outfits to choose from. I finally picked one outfit from the Firefly episode "Trash". Great episode and the outfit was a good pick for a beginner. It's not entirely accurate to my liking because the detailing and trim aren't exact but they look fairly similar when compared so I'm pretty happy with the outcome! I love the Asian influences in all of Inara's outfits.

The black dress is made out of velvet. The gold top part of the robe is based off of a belly dancing top and then I sort of attached the red fabric. I added trim and buttons. I found the necklace and bracelet online which I’m ecstatic about because they’re so similar to what she has on!

I'm in the process of remaking the black dress since I'm not too happy with the workmanship on it. :P

I need a new picture cause I look like Mrs. Grumpy McGrumpypants. XD

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