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My parents are funny. We bought them a new hot water dispenser from Amazon and a new microwave from Walmart.com for Christmas. First they received the microwave and it was too big so they're going to go to Wal-Mart to exchange it for a smaller one. Then they received the hot water dispenser and it doesn't have flowers on it so mommy's going to give the hot water dispenser to us (since we don't have one) and get one with flowers.

I would be annoyed cept I'm kind of the same way, I know what I want and if it isn't exactly what I want then I have no qualms exchanging it or anything. Sort of like Rachel from friends... except that I hate her. XD

The Peak!

Jun. 19th, 2006 03:49 pm
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What a nice day. We got to sleep in. With the travel group we had to wake up early for stupid outings. We’re back in Hong Kong and we’re in a different hotel now. It’s further away from the major parts of the city so we have to travel more to get anywhere, but the area is nicer/higher-class and the room is better than our old one. There’s also a ton of wireless internet around here unlike the last hotel.

We met up with my uncle and his daughter for a vegetarian lunch. Their family is some sort of Buddhists so they’re vegetarians. None of their kitchenware has ever touched meat and if it ever does, they throw it away to buy new stuff. They’re allowed to eat eggs though; I don’t get that part. I was a little wary about going to a vegetarian place but the restaurant was really, really nice. I liked the décor, light green and black. :D My uncle ordered a bunch of dishes for us. There were a lot of fake meats, such as fake shrimp, fake pork, fake chicken on top of rice and noodles. I ate a lot of the rice and noodles without the fake meats although I tried them. The fake meats were alright, just a little weird. One of the best dishes was this “fried fish” but it wasn’t fish, I’m not really sure what it was. o_O They were little fried fillets, mmm… makes me hungry. Overall, a very fun lunch to experience and eat.

I almost forgot to mention that in between lunch and Hong Kong Island we stopped by my dad's parents' shrine. Both my dad's parents have passed. This place isn't where they were buried, of course, I'm not sure if they were cremated or what. I don't really know anything, I need to ask, I never ask about these kinds of things. Either way, it was a temple within a tall city building and there were lots of shrines where you can pay respects to those who have passed away. We lit incense for them. Then we went into a larger room with a huge shrine with all these pictures of Buddhist Gods. We lit incense for them too. It was kind of strange since I didn't know what I was doing and my parents have never been religious. I think we used to be Buddhists and that's what most of my family is here in Hong Kong. I think I'm going to look more into Buddhism just to study up on my supposed background. I liked the experience, it was peaceful.

Afterwards we headed south to Hong Kong Island. Hong Kong Island seems like a more affluent area. Nicer buildings, designer brands everywhere. First we headed to Antique Street, which is obviously where you can buy all sorts of antiques. Marty, my brother, and I got an assortment of little knick-knacks. Antique Street was a lot shorter than we expected but the government has been revamping the area so now it’s been renamed Hollywood Road and there are less little shops. Most of the antique stores were closed anyways since it was afternoon and they’re nocturnal.

The best part of the day was going up to the Peak, which is on top of a mountain. You take this old-stylish tram up to the Peak of Hong Kong. It’s a steep climb but it’s really cool. You can also take a taxi but whatever. Mommy says the people of Hong Kong used to make fun of the Peak calling it a place where you get ripped off. You used to take the tram up to the Peak and that was basically it, nice view but nothing else. Now the area up there is more developed; awesome shopping center, really nice restaurants, random wax museum. Shopping up there was really fun and they had all these great deals.

The view was completely awesome. Marty took a lot of really great pictures as you can see. We got there late afternoon and stayed until after nightfall to see the city all lit up. The weather up there was really nice too, nice cool winds. We had a really great time but I feel like there isn’t much to express in words other than that, it was just plain nice. :)




Cut to today.

Marty and I wandered around the city by ourselves today. Both my parents have only recently recovered from being sick for a few days and then my brother got sick so they wanted to sleep all day.

We went to a nice mall, bought some clothes, wandered around a street prominently known for sellfish goldfish and ate some ice cream. :)

Tonight while my mommy and brother chilled some more, daddy took Marty and I back to the Avenue of the Stars since Marty hadn't been there yet. We saw the light show and Marty took a bunch of pictures of the view of HK Island and the stars along the walkway. Jet Li's hands are still small.

We only have a few days left in Hong Kong. I think we're just going to relax, see a couple more sites, but take it easy.



Jun. 16th, 2006 02:31 pm
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The next day was more tiring than fun. We went to a ton of shops that obviously paid the travel agency to take the groups to. First we went to a bee place where they sold honey products for health and beauty and eating. Then there was a giant jewelry store that had its own short ride reminiscent of Spaceship Earth about the history and creation of gems. I actually enjoyed the ride, hehe. Then we went to a zoo where we saw a pig that did math, pig races, a scorpion queen, and tons of other animals. This zoo is most well known for its tigers. Since I’m allergic to cats, I stayed away. We made a pit stop at a random roadside market where there was a ton of dried meats and fruits. Then we went back to Bangkok. The first place we went to was another store with a sales pitch. The store was an herb place where they grow and sell pills and crap. Really boring. o_O After that, the last and final crappy store we went to was some leather store with handbags and whatnot. It carried a huge selection of these ugly fish scale bags. Mommy said this place would’ve been better for older women.

For dinner they took us to a huge beer garden and plaza called the Suan Lum Night Bazaar. On one side was food; on the other side was a line of beer stands. They were showing the World Cup on two screens on either end of the garden and there was also a stage where they had singers. It was pretty neat overall. There were shops all around and a Ferris wheel somewhere in there.

After a long day of doing crap, we finally got to the Dynasty Hotel in Bangkok. This is a nice hotel; I like it. I just wish they had wireless internet.

So our last, big day in Bangkok was more relaxing. We didn’t have to leave the hotel until 10:30 am, although we did go to a weird place at first. We went to a snake… place. I don’t know what it was called. But there were tons of snakes in cages and this snake handler was dealing with some king cobras and it was pretty freaking cool. Made me think of Simeen. Then they shuffled us into a building nearby where they tried to sell us snake oil and pills. Stupid salesmen.

Afterwards, the bus dropped us off at a mall but we didn’t stay there for very long. We walked a couple blocks down the street to see a four-faced Buddha. Apparently it’s a huge religious site but it’s really funny to see it in the middle of the huge city that is Bangkok. It’s not a very big Buddha although it is decorated very nicely, but the people of Thailand believe that this particular statue is magical. If you pray to it you will get what you want but you have to promise to do something in return. There’s a story that a major Thai actress prayed to the statue asking to become famous within the next two years and of course, she got famous. Unfortunately for her, she promised to dance naked in front of the statue in return but she never did so her career was ruined or something like that. There were a lot of people praying to the statue, it was pretty neat.

Then we went on a boat ride up and down a river. The river doesn’t connect to the ocean so it was all brown and murky. We saw everything from modern buildings to historical buildings to shanties. The shanties were actually pretty neat to see because of the numerous deteriorating wooden columns holding them up in the river. We also saw some poor people bathing and some random kids swimming around in the icky water. At one point we were given the option to buy a loaf of bread to feed to the fishes. I thought that maybe we were going to some fish farm or something but instead we just went to this one part of the river where these giant fish were swarming. They might’ve been carp or catfish; we’re not sure. Either way, there were so many fish and they just kept swimming up to eat all our bread. It was awesome. I tried throwing a banana peel at them too but they just nibbled at it.


That was basically our day. We had a hot pot dinner and it was a Friday night in Bangkok so traffic was terrible. The next day, we flew back to Hong Kong. The plane ride was nice. Marty and I watched Ultraviolet on our little screens. Weird movie, neat effects.
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Thailand is weird. I mean it’s been interesting and good and weird. We woke up really early in the morning to get to the HK International Airport by 9:00 am to meet up with our tour guide. My parents joined us up with a travel group to go to Thailand. The travel group consisted mainly of other HK locals. The plane ride from HK to Bangkok was only 2 and a half hours.

Thailand customs was really freaking slow. Omigosh, I’ve gone through HK and mainland China customs to and fro but Thailand was freaking slow. I went into Thailand not knowing anything about the country and I still don’t know that much but it’s been interesting. The spoken and written language is really interesting. I can’t say I’ve ever been exposed to anything like it before. Thailand still has a monarchy too. They have a king and his face is everywhere. They stick him on everything. Mommy says that 90% of the Thailand population is Buddhists. There is a little shrine in front of almost every major building.

The group got onto a bus where we took a longass ride to Pattaya. No idea where that is in Thailand but it’s a coastal town. Reminds me very much of Key West, lots of bars with open areas. Before going to hotel we stopped in a random area with elephants. People took elephant rides and apparently there was a shooting range but I have no idea what there was to shoot. I don’t think people were shooting elephants. Apparently, drinking coconuts is huge in Thailand so my parents got us a couple.

Afterwards we got to the hotel to shower and eat dinner. Then the bus dropped us off at the most touristy spot in the world. It was this giant mall of fake stuff. o_O The only things I don’t think were copies or fakes were from the grocery store where my brother got some Pringles. All of the clothes, shoes, and purses were definitely copies of brand names. That’s the problem with tour groups; they have to take you to the crappy tourist spots. :P Then we went to a small restaurant where they served us Shark Fin soup and Birds Nest soup… something like that. I have to say this stuff is more exotic than I’m used to, I’m just a silly American. Either way, my mom says that Shark Fin soup and Birds Nest soup is a real delicacy and in America it’s rare and expensive to get. Also, if you drink a spoonful of Birds Nest soup a day you’ll be able to retain your youth. Birds Nest comes from the nest of Swallows who use their saliva to make their nests. Eww. It was a long day so it was nice to get back to the hotel.

Breakfast was at 7:00 am but I skipped it for sleeping instead. Everyone got on the bus at 8:30 am to go to the beach. The tour group got on a speedboat and our first stop was a parasailing station. Both my brother and my dad went parasailing. There was an option to get dunked into the water so my dad did it and my brother opted out since he had forgotten to bring a swimsuit. Then the speedboat took us to a random island beach. Marty and I played around in the water for a while. ^_^ Mommy hung out under the umbrellas with other womens. Daddy walked around and ate his way through the boardwalk. My brother went back and forth between mommy, food, and the water. Marty, my brother, and I also walked along the boardwalk to look at the continuous number of shops. They all sold the same things. Marty bought me a small, stuffed elephant that my brother negotiated the price for. My brother was quite proud that he got it down from 150 baht to 100 baht. We had lunch and then headed back to the hotel. Speedboats are awesome.

My family decided that we were going to get famous Thai massages. One other family and another couple of guys decided to do so as well. o_O I cannot fathom any reason for the rest of the group not to get massages. My mom and dad went with one group to one massage parlor since they were getting medicinal massages and Marty, my brother, and I went with another group for regular massages. Dude, it was freaking coooool. There were rooms of beds and pillows. We all lined up with our own bed and curtains were thrown around us so we could change into pajamas. Then we lied down on the beds and each person had a masseuse. I was expecting one of those massage tables where your face fits into a hole and then the masseuse would rub your back or whatever, but it wasn’t like that at all. I couldn’t think of a good way to describe the massage without making it sound weird so Marty put it in the best way, “It’s all the stretches you could ever do done by someone else.” It was a two-hour massage! Two hours! I was half asleep from relaxation but kept myself half awake to realize my enjoyment.

That night we went to a show. Marty, my brother, and I weren’t exactly sure what to expect. Mommy kept telling us that it was a show with the most beautiful women in the world dancing and singing except they were all men. o_O Did my mom decide to take us to a drag show? Apparently she did. I wanted to see traditional Thai dancing with traditional costumes and I did get that, but I also got some showtunes and a rousing rendition of Goldmember. Hehe. So basically all the “women” in the show were actually men. The costumes were so awesome. The show reminded me of something out of Vegas. Apparently the show is world famous or so it claims to be, but it's called the Alcazar Cabaret. I want to get the soundtrack. Afterwards, all the performers come out for pictures with the fans. Dude, my dad, Marty, and my brother all took pictures with the “women.” The funniest part was when my brother went over to get his picture taken with them and they put his hands on their fake breasts. The look on his face is priceless. There were other people from our tour group who also went to the show and at one point in the end, two of the performers started dragging one of the younger guys away to take him out partying. Very funny stuff.

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Hong Kong Disneyland was cute and small. Maybe a little too small, but I was expecting that so I wasn’t disappointed or anything. It was Marty, Silo, Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Wing, his wife, my little cousin, and I.

There’s a subway line straight to Disneyland so we just had to change a few stations to get there. The subway train was pretty neat looking. Very clean with blue velvet seats. All of the windows were Mickey-shaped. Between every other booth was a statue of a Disney character such as Snow White or Jiminy Cricket or Minnie, etc. My favorite part was the rings that hung from the ceiling for those who stood. They were Mickey-shaped as well. :D The walkway to Disneyland was decorated nicely and there was one spot with a giant fountain of a whale with Mickey surfing off of its spout.


We got there an hour after the opening so while we were expecting large crowds, it wasn’t too bad at that time. I did see many groups of very, very excited teenagers; taking craploads of pictures and giggling like crazy. Typical Asians, hehe.

I always love the background music to the Disney theme parks, definitely sets the mood. Obviously, when we first entered we were at Main Street, U.S.A. As we walked along we saw the smallest castle in the distance. This was HK Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. More like Sleeping Beauty’s country cottage. Tiny little castle. o_O In Fantasyland we rode the carousel and the teacups. There were a lesser amount of teacups to ride. The teapot with the mouse wasn’t even in the middle of ride, it was on the side of the ride as just another thing to look at. The Philharmagic was also in Fantasyland so we definitely had to hit that up. :D Despite my cousin loving Pooh, we avoided the Pooh ride.

Tomorrowland has Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters. We also ate lunch here. It was funny to see the regular American diner alongside with another food area selling Chinese food. Course we ate Chinese food. They’re working on three rides for Tomorrowland; Stitch Encounter, Autopia, and UFO Zone.

Adventureland was the last spot. There was a very, very small ferry that landed on a small island with Tarzan’s treehouse. Instead of the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, they went with the more modern movie. Oh! It was so funny, we saw the boats for the Jungle Cruise and we heard the cast members narrating in Chinese so we wondered how that would go. When we got in line for the Jungle Cruise, there was a separate line for English listeners. That’s the line we got in even though my uncle and his family don’t speak English. o_O I guess my parents were more concerned for Marty but he didn’t give a rat’s ass. Either way, our guide could not pronounce his R’s very well so his name was Ewic and it was really funny listening to him.

It started raining by then so the rest of the time we jumped from store to store. I wanted a souvenir so I got a fat Donald. :D So yeah,. HK Disneyland was small, but I liked it well enough. I would only go again if they add a lot more the next time but who knows when I’d be back next anyways.

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I had the most bizarre experience going into mainland China. Last time we went to mainland, we went to see the sites, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, all the good stuff. This time, we were just taking a one-night trip to visit friends. So we take a short train ride across the border between Hong Kong and the mainland to Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is actually pretty cool, lots of tall buildings. There's a hugeass mall Where the train station is. Rows and rows of stores, it would take more than a couple days to walk through. It was really annoying though because it was a touristy area and all of the shop-people kept coming up to us to tell us to come into their store or show us a catalog with their wares, etc. We didn't shop for very long because it was so frequent.

The friends that picked us up we know from America. The lady doesn't speak english at all so my mom has helped her a lot through the years. We've known her and her kids for a long time. Her side of the family lives in Timjin (sp?), least that's where I believe we were. Random little town an hour away from Shenzhen. Anyways, so she, her daughter, and two nieces came to get us. My mom had told us that one of the lady's nieces was really rich; she had married a businessman so we were expecting to see some neat stuff.

Once we got to the town though, my brother and I were in culture shock. Really crappy. o_O We went to the sister's house of the lady and while the outisde looked crappy, the inside was alright. It basically seemed like that was the house they lived in for years and it was really freaking old and ugly but since the niece had married rich, she had given them a lot of nice gifts such as a fancy dish dryer, huge stereo system, and really neat, modern furniture. But I don't think the lady's sister (mother of rich niece) knew how to design or decorate really well. Course, I don't believe that's important to them.

One thing that really freaked me out was the driving. There are streets but no traffic lights and no lines so people just basically drive wherever the poop they want. There are tons of scooters and motorcycles too so they just weave in and out wherever they want as well. I guess in one way it's sort of safe because no one drives too quickly. It's still weird though since you have to assume the other people are going to stop. o_O I think I saw one traffic light at a major intersection in the middle of a developed area of the town.

Then the niece took the family to dinner and things were different. Apparently in Timjin, while most of it is crappy, there are random streets and parts of the town that are nice, have new buildings, and it seems like a lot of of the areas are being set aside for construction of new apartments and commercial areas. So they're trying to improve their town. Anyways, we went to this really nice, huge restaurant. We had our own private room with a little sitting area with a tv and karaoke (we did not karaoke, thank Bob), private bathroom, and a huge table to sit at. Of course, the niece ordered a buttload of food.

We thought maybe we were going to stay at the lady's sister house but the niece wouldn't have that. She got us two rooms at this really, really nice hotel. Best shower ever. I want one for my future house.

I never did get to see the niece's hugeass house, but oh well. She did a lot for us and I appreciated it.

So yeah, this trip was very reminiscent to the Bratislava/Eurotrip experience. o_O Gotta love that exchange rate!

Marty's here now so I'm sure I'll be seeing more sites and updating more! :D

Past Week

Jun. 7th, 2006 12:29 pm
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We haven't done much sightseeing since we were holding off on the good stuff for Marty. Instead, my family had been concentrating on shopping, eating, and spending time with family. Every day was a new mall and restaurant.



Dec. 22nd, 2002 03:11 pm
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So I talked to my favorite aunt today. Her baby was born on November 30. The baby's birthday is real close to mine. I heard it making baby noises on the fun! The baby's name is Emily Danielle Woo. I think it's funny that the baby's name is Emily because I liked that name too. She was born 7 pounds, 2 ounces. Out of all the first generation kids born in America from our family I was the fattest baby born. ::grins::

It's so weird for my aunt to have a baby. She thinks it's kind of weird too. At first she was all philosophical about it. How she's on the next step of life, how she was done sitting around and now she's going to make a contribution in the world or something. I think it was kind of funny how she was all contemplative because lately my fear of death has been really bugging me and hearing her talk about having a baby somewhat comforted me. Not quite sure how though.

She's the first one of her friends to have a baby but now they're all getting pregnant too. ::grins:: One of her bestest friend Julie and her husband Gary came over the other day and they're still baby-less but Kumyee knows she's gonna get pregnant soon, hehe. Kumyee asked them what they were gonna do after they left, and they're like, "I donno, go out to dinner maybe," and Kumyee was weirded out because those lazy days are over for her and Dave, but she doesn't mind. Of course, then we talked about how Popo was driving her crazy with old Chinese traditions and remedies. Apparently, if your baby has problems with sleeping at night and she wakes up a lot keeping you from sleeping, you should put a pair of the husband's pants upside down near the baby. I can't wait to see Emily. I bet she's a cute Chinese baby.

Kumyee rules. She's my inside source to all things about life. I should have asked her what it was like to actually be in labor and have the baby. Ick.
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Leave it to my dad to make me feel better when I'm feeling down.

So I'm driving back to my apartment because I have a presentation to work on for tomorrow (which by the way sucks my ass) and I'm feeling pretty melancholy because I'm being all contemplative. Then the phone rings and it's either my brother or parents because they're set to specific ringers. I pick up the phone and it's daddy. He wants to know where I am. I said, "I'm driving home." He says, "So you're in Gainesville? Okay, I saw a car driving and I thought it was you. Nevermind."

I have so much work to do before classes end. At least I got the government paper done, thanks Brian! ^_^ Now, I should go work on my stupid presentation.
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So like, mommy wakes up, and she's like, "Want some food?" And I'm like, "Yeah I want some food," no actually, I was like, "Sure!" So she cooks me some food. Then she wants to know if I want to eat it in front of the computer and I'm like, "I'll eat at the table." So then while I'm eating she goes to where the computer is and turns on this new light my brother has at his desk and she's like, "If you need light I turned on this light for you I didn't know if you knew how to work it." And I'm like, "Don't worry mommy, I don't need light right now when I'm eating," so I go off to turn off the desk light. Then I'm eating la la la and mommy asks me which car I want to take back and I'm like, "Whichever one, I don't care, I can take the Galant if you want." Because you know, I honestly don't care, it's nice that they even give me a car in the first place. So then she asks if the Galant is fine and I show her where Marty fixed it and she's like, "Eww, what spilled on this thing, take the Camry it's safer." Anyway, so I get the Camry because she wants to take the Galant to the shop because the battery looks funky. ::grins:: Then before she leaves for work she gives me one of the garage door remotes for if and when I go out later. I love mommy, it's so funny to me when she's all nice and caring because usually she's all lecture-filled and intimidating.
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Somebody save me!

Of course, my favorite Aunt, Kumyee, is having a BBQ and the whole family is gonna be there. We're supposed to head out in a couple hours. I wonder if other people are going to be there. People that will entertain me. I know some of the "adults" are going to be playing mahjong. I wonder if they'll let me play cause I know how to play! ^_^

Bleh, I have nothing to say...


Jun. 26th, 2002 07:57 pm
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So I'm cleaning out my closet because mommy said to clean it out and I find a poster that our little group made years ago. Basically the group was Vivian, Stahly, Hammy, and I. Anyway, I think one of us wasn't there but I'm not quite sure if it was Stahly or Hammy. It's hilarious! It's titled, "THE BASE SYSTEM" and it's an explanation of the Bases. You know, first base, kissing or whatever, like that, hehe. Surrounding our little baseball diamond are drawings of each of us and decorations pertaining to sexual acts and a lot of funkyass stuff. There's drawings of pickles, some farm animals, a closet (I don't remember what went on in this closet...), a picture of a guy cut out from a magazine that we decorated, Vivian drawing on Lars' ass, and finally, there's a picture that I don't understand. It's a picture of me under a blanket and asking "HOW???" Then there's Vivian asking apparently asking our old friend Sarah, "HOW???" I'll have to ask Vivian. Must be really funny though. ::grins:: Hehe.


May. 20th, 2002 12:42 am
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My brother's got the cutest AIM icon. It's Jay and Silent Bob and they're smoking pot. It's so cute. ::grins:: My brother's cool.


Apr. 30th, 2002 02:04 pm
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I love the smell of toast. I really do. Always reminds me of my grandparent's house. Whenever I'd wake up in the morning, one of my grandparents would be making me toast. They'd cut the crust off, spread some peanutbutter on it, and then they'd cut it into either squares or triangles. Obviously, milk would go with it.

You know, I was just thinking... I s'pose I can understand Ariel using the fork as a brush because she got her information from the dumbass bird, but you know, it's not very effective! Wouldn't she stop using it like that if it didn't work too well. How are you supposed to get rid of tangles with three prongs? She had so much hair!
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Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Packing!

I'm packing my pants and I see that I have a lot of pants, then I notice that hey, that's not all my pants, I have a pile of pants next to my desk. Man, I'm going to end up bringing way too much crap.

I feel like having macaroni and cheese. Course, daddy made me roast duck so I'll just eat that instead. I'll have macaroni and cheese some other time. I'm hungry.

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