Oct. 5th, 2002 03:23 pm
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I'm in a bad mood. Not so much bitchy as unhappy. Not that I really am, I really don't have anything to be unhappy about but I just finished reading a manga series Marty has called Dance Til Tomorrow, he doesn't have them all, just the first four. It says there's a fifth volume online but I think that's all that's come out so far.. may be an ongoing manga or maybe the fifth one is the last one, poop if I know. Either way it's frustrating and depressing. I get really bothered with complicated situations that just shouldn't be. Like the thing that bothers me in the series is this love triangle thing and so far the guy picked the girl that I don't like... that may change later I don't know. This is just like when I played FFVII. Stupid love triangle, bothered me especially since I rooted for Tifa but everyone knows that Cloud loved Aerith. :P Oh well, at least Sephiroth killed her. ^_^ Leave it to Sephiroth to make me feel somewhat better. :)


Aug. 11th, 2002 01:09 pm
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We have the cable modem back! I'm so happy! Now I can read all my little online comics! I haven't read them in so long because I couldn't stand the loading on the stupid dial-up. Penny Arcade is sooooooooooooo funny. ::LMAO:: Man... good comic.
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It's just that it's been a while... you would think that people would notice the repetitiveness in the "jokes". Just retire! We can live on the books!

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