Oct. 15th, 2003 09:27 am
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I love this weather! 60 degrees!

Almost sweater weather!

Yay cold!

Nov. 13th, 2002 12:03 pm
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All I wanted to say was how great today is because it's cold. Of course, because of certain female conditions, it's not that great but it is. ::grins:: I wish the weather would just stay cold. How hard is it to do that! It's frickin' November! Stay cold weather! Stay cold!

"Don't be gay Sparky, don't be gay!"

Got Chamber of Secrets tickets for Friday! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Envy me you peons! A bunch of people from out of town are coming in so we can all see it together. So exciting. Austin says he's going to dress up like Hagrid which will be so funny. He wants a bunch of us to dress up as well but I donno how that'll turn out. My Cho costume wasn't exactly accurate. If I were to do it properly I'd have to go out and buy new materials and crap.. I donno, we'll see.

I should be doing errands soon but I'm somewhat lazy and I'm hungry so I want to make food. Yay food! Yay cold!
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The balcony's much more useful when it's cold out. It's also a good spot to watch squirrels. That might sound weird but I have to watch squirrels for my Ecology class, write down what they're doing, that sort of thing.

I donno if I should wear a sweater or not because it might get hot later.

Oh well, sweater it is. I need more sweaters. I should go shopping. Muahahaha.

I love shopping... it makes me happy. I love the cold too. That also makes me happy. While I'm at it I love Marty, he makes me happy. :)

After classes today, weekend! Yay!


Oct. 16th, 2002 12:02 pm
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It's cold outside! I love cold. So nice and cool. I hope it stays like this forever. Of course, it won't, but I hope it stays this nice and cold for a while. I should probably move up north so then I can get the cold more regularly but I have college right now. Maybe afterwards. :)

Yeah, unfortunately, I have a lot of crap to do today. So much art! My art teacher is psycho. He thinks his class is important or something. I mean, it's good that he's passionate about his class but his class is the last class on my priority list. Unfortunately, I still need to do his crap so I will. :P


May. 19th, 2002 01:52 pm
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It's freakin' cold here! What the hell I put on a cute tanktop blah blah blah I check the weather outside and it's cold! Now I'm wearing a sweater it's so cold. I mean, I like the cold, my wardrobe is more fit for the cold, but still. This is so random.


Mar. 3rd, 2002 11:28 pm
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It's freaking cold up here!!!!!

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