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I was very, very excited for this. I’m still excited! A small group of us wanted to be Cheerios from Glee and so we got to planning. Initially we thought to make our own cheerleading uniforms but we decided against it considering we all lived in different states and there was no guarantee we could all get the same fabric and have it look the same, it wouldn’t be ‘uniform’. So we got to researching and after searching for quite some time I was able to find the exact manufacturer that made the Cheerios uniforms for the show. Then we had to figure out cheerleader speak since apparently ordering uniforms can be complicated; the order forms are not intuitive.

We got the bloomers, pom-poms, and then we looked at pictures and found the exact cheerleading shoes they wear as well. If we’re going to spend the money, we wanted accuracy. Yay!

"There’s a lot of talking going on and I wants to get my mack on."

It's funny, every year around Halloween, I get a ton of comments and questions about where I got the uniform and though it says it in the comments, I figure I should put it right here in the post. My friends and I were able to get the uniforms from Dehen Cheer, the company that the show gets their uniforms from. Their website is www.dehencheer.com. We were able to get the exact uniforms from the first season of Glee with no issues. I know at this point since so many people are interested, the show put some restrictions on what Dehen Cheer could put out to the public. I would still call them and find out what you can get. Good luck!

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