Jun. 4th, 2003 08:07 pm
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For our anniversary, I got Marty a really nice watch. ^_^ It's really cool looking. I'm so happy, he likes it lots! Marty got me the first three books out for Karekano (which I've been wanting for a while) and a gift card to the Cloud 9 spa place. ^_^ We both did good. ::grins::

Right now I'm feeling somewhat sore, but relaxed. Just got back from judo. I missed a couple sessions due to more important engagements but you know what? It's okay! I'm still doing good in it and right now my tummy's all flat and tight! I'm not even sucking it in or anything, it's just like, "We're Christine's abs and we're all muscley right now!" We've only been doing judo for a few weeks but there's all these... um.. results. ::grins:: Seriously you guys, Judo is a really really good form of exercise and you should all try it!

Now I'm gonna go lie around and be lazy.
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Marty and I's one year anniversary is June 2! Yay for us! ::grins:: So for this weekend we're going to St. Augustine. ^_^ Yay for St. Augustine! I've never been there before and Marty says it's a beautiful, little city. We've made reservations at a Bed and Breakfast and it looks really really cute! I am so excited. We won't be exchanging gifts until Monday though since that's when our real anniversay is, and because we both haven't gotten each other's gifts yet so that gives us more time. ::grins:: We're huge dorks, but at least we both know exactly what we're getting each other. ^_^

See you guys on Sunday! ::hugsandsmushes::

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