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Dragon*Con 2008 in Pictures )
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8-30-08 - Marvel Shoot, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Saturday was also a big, big day! The whole weekend was big!

So Marty, Ash, and I woke up and got ready for the parade. Of course, we were all dressed up in our Resident Evil gear for the parade to walk with the Wolf Pack Elite. There were centurions, UBCS, the Alices from the movies, zombies, Umbrella Corp scientists, we had a hummer and a Raccoon City news van. I really liked marching and throwing zombies around. Next year, the group may or may not do Resident Evil again, we shall see.

Right after that we got lunch and Ash and I had to get ready for the Marvel shoot. I'll make a Dragon*Con picture post later on, but for now this is one of my favorite pictures. From left to right is Bellechere as Spiderwoman, Kara as Ms. Marvel, Ash as Rogue, and I'm Psylocke. We're just hanging out after standing around and posing for forever. The shoot was pretty crazy because we had so many people but in the end it turned out just fine. o_O

I guess we had dinner and then dressed up to hang out at the Marriott? Some of my memories are fuzzy. I was basically Psylocke for most of Saturday and I LOVED IT! I think I'll bring Psylocke again for next year. I think I might redo the entire suit depending. I'm borrowing a serger and plan to get my own so it'd be nice to have more professional seams.

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8-29-08 - Seven Deadly Sins, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Friday was a big day. What did we do in the morning? Oh yeah, we woke up ass-early in the morning to pick up our badges, then Ashley and I were asshats and missed the women's shoot because we wanted to see a panel with Alan Tudyk and Nathon Fillion. It was totally worth it.

Then we had to scramble to the Hard Rock Cafe Velvet Room where we had a big, fat dinner with the Wolf Pack Elite. The food was good, and there were awards and swag given out. I also got on stage to yell random things. o_O

After dinner we met up with our chicks at the Hyatt to be the Seven Deadly Sins. So from left to right is Khetara - Wrath, Teri - Lust, Me - Pride, Roz - Gluttony, Ash - Greed, Kiersto - Envy, and Buddhaful - Sloth. Oh yeah, we also had Bailey pose with us because he's a dork.

We later walked over to the Marriott to find a place to sit. It was a fun night overall, but Ash and I had to turn in early so we could get enough sleep for the parade in the morning.

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I am so ready for Dragon*Con. Course, I still have a few things to do so maybe not... many events and group shoots to attend. There are many panels I want go to as well, GAH! This weekend will be a whirlwind for sure.

Costume Schedule - sort of )
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8-25-08 - Sash, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

For the Seven Deadly Sins group, I made a sash and bought a tiara. I was Pride so I was a pageant queen. I had other ideas but with the moving and job hunting, I didn't have time to come up with anything more original. o_O I like my sash though. I'll keep it if we ever do the Seven Deadly Sins group again, but I'll make sure to come up with a custom outfit.

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8-21-08 - Dog Tags, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

I received these in the mail and they make me so happy!!! I need to make the gray and olive tanks to go along with these. Get some green BDUs... This is not meant for Dragon*Con although I suppose it'd be cool to try to get it done before D*C. o_O I doubt that'll happen though.

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8-13-08 - Airsoft Guns, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Our airsoft guns came in the mail! Very exciting. Marty's Centurion is coming together quite nicely. I think all he needs is the helmet but he's got a backup plan just in case his current helmet vendor craps out.

Marty's been using the laser target/pointer thing on his gun to play with Oki.

Man, I'm extremely excited for Dragon*Con but there's still crap to do! AAAHHHH!

I'm starting on my costumes for next year as soon as I get back from Dragon*Con. :P

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8-2-08 - Psylocke on the phone, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

I needed one more picture of me in my Psylocke outfit for the Wolf Pack Elite costume contest (why not enter?) and while I was in the middle of getting ready, I got a call. Marty decided to start taking pictures. :P It's not especially flattering but I find it funny. :D

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7-30-08 - Welding Goggles, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Marty got welding goggles for his Centurion and I love them! They flip up! I love when goggles have the flip up thingy. We will need to paint the green part to make them black. Marty got two so I also have a pair. I may wear them with my UBCS for the Dragoncon parade. They make great sunglasses. You can't see crap inside though. Makes sense, they're for welding.

I think we're gonna get plastic paint to paint them? We'll see. We're also going to see if we can some red tint for the inner lenses since those are clear.

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7-27-08 - Centurion Vest, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Marty has started collecting his gear for the Resident Evil Centurion. We got the vest, he has some boots and a helmet coming in the mail. I think we can pull this off before Dragoncon. :D

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I finished this some time ago... and I finally had Marty take a picture. Now that we're getting closer to Dragoncon, Marty's getting all excited as well. We're going to put together a Resident Evil Centurion outfit for him. I initially thought he might want to do the UBCS because I already have the vest for it but he wants more armor.

I still need a wig.

Oh and there's Oki thinking that Psylocke will let her outside, but Oki is sorely mistaken.
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7-3-08 - Sewing Table, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

This is like the last picture of my sewing escapades except now this table is in fact the designated sewing table. Our new dining table is much larger and prettier. I so prefer darker woods. I've been diligently working on my Psylocke costume and I'm almost done. I just need to finish the one thigh-high boot. Oh, and possibly make myself a psi-blade.

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6-19-08 - Boot Cover!, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

So I finished my prototype and it was a success. Now I need to take the pattern I made from it and use the Psylocke fabric to make one thigh high boot cover. The other boot cover will be ankle high. YES! Progress.

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6-17-08 - Back to Sewing, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

I finally got off my butt and started sewing again. Nothing big. I just need to finish my Psylocke so I need to do the boot covers and straps. I'm not done. :P This is just a prototype that I'm testing out before I cut the blue fabric . BUT! Before I even finish the prototype I want to get some paper to make my own patterns. Sheesh. I need to get to Hancock's.

Oh yeah, this is our modest dining table as well.

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5-8-09 - UBCS Vest, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

I haven't been costuming much what with the move and all. Been packing, but really haven't packed enough although that'll all be taken care of by Wednesday since Marty's trucking off on Thursday.

One thing I did finish is my field armor vest for the Resident Evil UBCS. I shortened the sides so it fits closer to the body and covered all the logos, etc.


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5-7-08 - New Shoes, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

So I've been doing a lot of shopping this week and I'm pretty much done. o_O I shouldn't be adding to the pile of stuff we need to move.

We went to DSW and I got new shoes. Marty got new shoes too. These are brown Kenneth Cole Reaction wedges and they are extremely comfortable.

They make me insanely happy at the moment. I'm planning to make Psylocke boot covers for them. They're perfect. They have three-inch heels to make me taller and they're really comfortable, good for walking around conventions. Course, considering the group I costume with, I'll still be average in height.

I wish I could buy more because they're also good for day-to-day wear and work shoes. :P

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This was the result of the casting and molding experimentation - Ashley's arm.

It's heavy, real heavy.

Ashley and I were planning to duel each other with our respective arms once they were made but we didn't have enough supplies to make a second arm.

Good thing though because these would hurt to be hit with.

I wonder if there's a lighter alternative than Permastone.
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Had a long day of watching Marty's brother, Mikey, race in boats. Crew to be exact. His team won the State Championship so woot. Marty's mom took the cutest picture of me petting a baby bulldog. IT IS SO CUTE!

Marty and I think our next dog will be a French Bulldog, we'll see.

This is after the excitement of crew races when Ashley and I decided to make a mold of her arm. We only had enough stuff for one arm. o_O I figure I can do this later... It's not pertinent for me. It was a fun experiment and it turned out alright. Least I know the basics of molding and casting so if I wanted to do props or armor, it's more feasible now. Ashley wanted a cast of her arm so she can sculpt on it and make more molds and casts of props and armor such as gauntlets or the Witchblade.

This is a picture of the two of us while Ashley waits for the molding to dry as she semi-stands in an awkward position to keep her arm from moving.
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So yeah, this is what I've been working on after finishing all my catsuits. I had to perfect this bodysuit, this is the second time around making it. I also made the gloves real quick, those were easy since I didn't have to deal with fingers. Next up I need to make all the various bands and get some shoes/boots to make some thigh high boot cover thingies.

Generally psylocke has a katana of some sort, hence the boken, like conventions ever let you bring real weapons. :P Party poopers. I'd like to figure out how to make a psi-blade but obviously I don't have kinetic powers so I can't make it with my mind. I need to figure out a way to make a physical prop. Hyuk.
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So I was lazy and I didn't take a picture but Rob did, bwahaha. Hey wait, I wasn't lazy, I was sewing all night. I made two catsuits and the bodysuit for Psyclocke. Course, it was mostly an experiment since it turned out great but it was too small. My torso is longer than I thought it would be, I thought I measured correctly. Oh wells. I'm going to make the bodysuit again and obviously make it longer.

So Ashley has created the base dress for her Gorgo costume. It's basically one of those costumes that you have to create when you're going to wear it because there's no good way to make it, then take it off, and then put it on again without it all being crazy or falling apart. It's kind of funny because she had been freaking out over this thing for weeks and then the simplest solution was the one she went with.

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