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Video Games Live is coming up and we're attending. It's a concert where video game music is played by a live symphony orchestra. It's gonna rock. There are going to be other activites such as a Guitar Hero tournament, and of course, a costume contest.

I don't know if I'll enter the costume contest... I don't costume for contests or masquerades or anything like that. I just like doing it. I figure dressing up would be fun either way. I don't really have a video game costume though. I know, blasphemy, and yet again I reiterate that I have a very long list of costumes I want to do which includes many, many video game characters. I suppose Psylocke sort of counts because she's been in a bunch of the X-Men video games and Marvel vs Capcom. And technically I've got this Resident Evil UBCS outfit but that's an interpretive thing from the movies really. I want something new.

So now I'm scrambling. I actually thought, "HEY! I was planning to do Xianghua anyways, perfect!" Not so perfect. I only have three weeks and there is no way I'm making Xianghua in three weeks.

You know how I said I have to do three costumes before the end of the year; Mulan, Xianghua, and Tinkerballa. I also have a "secret" list of other costumes that I want done before the end of the year but I don't announce it because if I don't announce it, it's not a big deal if I don't get them done. XD Well, Chun Li and Midori (Guitar Hero) are on that list so I figure I should be able to get one of them done within three weeks. We shall see. If not, I'll be attending as normal me. :D

I already got a bunch of fabric and patterns for Midori so that's cool.

Chun Li shouldn't be too complicated - I just need to modify a cheongsam pattern... but I can't find a freakng cheongsam pattern! A majority of the American patterns have buttons on the wrong side, WTF, though I suppose I could just flip the pattern... And then I figured out that most people just make the basic dress but then it doesn't function like a normal cheongsam where there's a flap and it buttons down the chest. O_O They just have a zipper in the back.

I wonder if I'm making things too complicated by wanting the outfit to actually function how it's supposed to rather than taking a shortcut and putting the zipper in the back. Oh! And then I've found some vintage patterns but since people were smaller back then, I can't find my size. >_<

There actually is a free online pattern... but I'm too lazy to print and measure it our properly to fit me. XD

There are a bunch of ways I can work around this... but I'm feeling overall lazy about it right now. XD

I'm terrible.
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I annoy myself sometimes in my lack of motivation - either I need someone to prod me to work on a costume or it needs to be two weeks before an event before I start working on it. I miss having a costuming buddy. Sigh.

As it is, it's the new year and I have plans.

First off, there's a bunch of miniscule redos I want to do before I get to new costumes:
  • Redo Cho Chang's Skirt and Robe

  • Take in my Battle Royale Jacket

  • Redo Inara's Black Dress

  • Fine tune my new medieval dress

  • I'd really like to figure out how to make psi-blade for my Psylocke
Here are my costumes planned for 2010:
  • Xianghua from Soul Calibur II - Red Outfit

  • Mulan

  • Tinkerballa from The Guild
Those are the three that I HAVE to get done before the end of the year. I think I can do it. XD Not that I have to, but I really want to get these done. Xianghua has been in my head for years and years and years now. Marty broke out the Soul Calibur games and it was awesome.

I also have it in my head to do a couple Star Wars costumes... I want to do a Padme Amidala outfit... and even though it completely intimidates me, I want to do a Zam. Dude, her outfit is so cute and awesome but I did the research and it looks so complicated. o_O

And while I love participating in group costumes - I need to take a step back from those. I find that when I do a costume that I'm not in love with - the work is subpar. Course, when I rush a costume, the work is subpar so I need to work on that as well.
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I watched. I didn't cry until right at the end when he lifted his hand and it was glowing... then I bawled my eyes out through the rest of it.

I was watching on my laptop in bed while Marty was asleep so Marty woke up to me crying. He gave me a hug and in my mind I knew I was acting ridiculous over the loss of a fictional character who ends up "living" in a way anyways but I couldn't stop crying.

As much as it irks me, I think I'll like the new Doctor (and I look forward to the new writing) though David Tennant will always be my favorite. I'll be a loyal fan and follow his future works.

<3 David Tennant <3

Honestly, it was Tennant who got me to watch Doctor Who. While Eccleston seemed alright I honestly didn't care to watch until Tennant came around and I only vaguely knew of the previous Doctors and the storylines from the past. Everyone knows about the Fourth Doctor and his longass scarf.

Bravo, David Tennant. Bravo.

I will end with this:

Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman are locked in Twitter battle over Gay Man of the Decade over on AfterElton.com. Awesome and hilarious at the same time.
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OMG, New Year. The sound of what seems like infinite fireworks is so comforting.

Tonight was simple - dinner with friends and chocolate fondue at the house. Marty and I took Oki for a walk and later on we watched the sky light up with fireworks while in my PJs.

You'd think they were professionals but it's just crazy Louisianians across the area who've bought out the fireworks tents.

Christmas in North Carolina was nice as usual with the added bonus of an abundance of snow.

Staycation has been very nice so far since we've been able to do more to the house. It's very satisfying making a house your own and we've done a lot in the past few months. New appliances, lots of paintng, changed out fixtures and details, added furniture.

Marty and I have been on our own since we've graduated (cept for the wedding, oh crap, wait, I've been on my own since graduation, three years, and Marty's been on his own since... grad school, seven years) and it's been nice making a nice little life for us. Very glad my parents don't have to worry about me - they worked way too hard for me and I owe them everything.

We've been very lucky in our jobs and moving to Louisiana was weird but we've made great friends and actually like our jobs. We're still adjusting but I can't complain. XD I just miss the proximity to our families and friends sometimes.

So I don't do resolutions but I can say what I want for the future... more traveling (around the US, Japan soon?), more projects concerning the house, more hobbies (already have the books lined up; photography, crocheting), more costumes.

I generally don't do poetry, in fact, I hate poetry... and this is totally cliche and stolen from a movie/book but the moon was so bright tonight (bluuuuue moon) and it was nice knowing that all my friends and family around the world were looking at the same moon.
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My parents are funny. We bought them a new hot water dispenser from Amazon and a new microwave from Walmart.com for Christmas. First they received the microwave and it was too big so they're going to go to Wal-Mart to exchange it for a smaller one. Then they received the hot water dispenser and it doesn't have flowers on it so mommy's going to give the hot water dispenser to us (since we don't have one) and get one with flowers.

I would be annoyed cept I'm kind of the same way, I know what I want and if it isn't exactly what I want then I have no qualms exchanging it or anything. Sort of like Rachel from friends... except that I hate her. XD
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Potato Salad
Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Green Bean Casserole
Pasta with Shrimp

I'm about ready to pass out.
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  • A big house is not a good base when there are zombies out and about - too many windows to cover.

  • I had to kill an infant zombie because the others were either afraid or didn't have the heart.

  • I met Coolio at the mall.

  • Flirted with some fashion designers, but they were gay so there was no point. Cute though.

/end dream
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Why does Santa have three gardens?

So he can ho, ho, ho! XD
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So it's been three months since Dragon*Con.

Like I said, I'm terrible. XD

Too Many Pics! )

That was fun and we're already all set for going next year. Lot of conventions I want to go to but not enough time and/or money. Poot. I'm glad Dragon*Con is a default.

Oh! Oh! The epic finale!

A decent Tenth Doctor. I was happy. I was also kind of tipsy when this picture was taken. Didn't have the good camera but had my iPhone.
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I'm terrible. I haven't updated in forever.

I had actually thought about discontinuing my use of LJ, but there are still many communities I love and there are still one or two people who post that I like to read. :)

Now it's all about Twitter and Facebook it seems... both of which I frequent. And technically this journal is still connected to Facebook...

I changed up the layout - I wanted to make it Pushing Daisies themed but LJ is somewhat limited in customization when you don't pay for it and I'm not willing to allow ads on my LJ either. So I chose something pretty and green and changed up my icons to all have me in them. Makes sense considering this is MY journal.

Let's see.. update:
  • I'm married.
  • I'm living in Slidell, LA.
  • I work for Tulane University in downtown New Orleans, LA.
  • My last name is no longer Ho but it's legally part of my middle name so I still got some Ho in me.
  • I will never stop giggling to myself about my former last name, Ho. I definitely embraced the Ho-ness.
  • We have a house and it's small and cute. Good starter home - we're still updating it and making it nice.
  • My current loves are Doctor Who (David Tennant in general), Pushing Daisies (I still love it! :P), and Glee.
  • There are a bunch of other shows I love to watch; Bones, Community, Top Chef, Project Runway, Top Gear, Metalocalypse, Castle...
  • I still love to sew and costume - still so much I want to do although I did throw together a Ren Faire dress and cloak in a week - needs to be tweaked for overall improvements.
  • I'm starting to learn to crochet, but I also want to learn to knit and embroider.
  • I kind of wish I lived back in the day when all that was expected of me was to learn the domestic arts such as crocheting, knitting, and embroidery. Course, I like all the modern conveniences of today so whatevs.
  • We have some great and fun friends here. I still miss my friends in Florida.
  • My dog is awesome.
So that's it for now.


Oct. 19th, 2009 10:27 pm
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1. What was your first costume?
I think in kindergarten I was a butterfly.  :D  My aunt bought me the costume.  My first convention costume was Go Go Yubari, still a favorite too. 

2. Did someone get you into costuming? Or on your own?
I was always interested in it, but I give credit to Marty for introducing me to conventions which only fueled my desire to costume.

3. What is your favorite costume?
I don't think I've made enough to have a favorite yet.  I like them all and they're all works in progress - there's always something to improve with all of them.

4. Which is your least favorite costume?
I don't have one?  Generally if I don't like a costume I make it better so I stop disliking it.  Hehe.

5. At conventions, do people compliment you on your costumes?
Yes they do which I appreciate.  :D  Most of the time they just ask me for my picture instead of of a verbal compliment but getting my picture taken is compliment enough.

6. How many have you done?
Not enough.  I have a longass list of costumes I've been meaning to do.

7. What are the top 6 on your list of "Want to Costume!"
This changes all the time.  I've got a list of top 50.  XD  Plus, I'm somewhat secretive on what I want to costume.  Although off the top of my head some costumes I want to do are Mulan, Huntress, and something from Doctor Who - I love Doctor Who and I want to be a companion but there aren't any Asian companions!  Maybe Lady Christina de Souza... there's an Asian in Waters of Mars so we'll see.  I hear she's a bad guy.  I can do bad guys.  XD

8. What female costume do you want to do most?
Isn't this very much like the last question?

9. What male?
I'm not into crossplay.  I like being a girl.

10. What do you prefer to do, make or buy your costumes?
Make make make.  I learned to sew because I wanted to make my own costumes.  I like to dress up and go to conventions, but I love the sense of accomplishment when I've finished making a costume.  I love learning new techniques and hopefully I'll get into prop-making.  We'll see. 

11. Your most memorable experience? What makes it so memorable?
Just hanging out with my costuming friends at any convention.  Hanging out with people who understand costuming and are so passionate and into it as I am. 

12. Your dream costume?
Lady Deathstrike from Messiah Complex - it looks like mostly form-fitted armor.  o_O

13. Is there a pattern in your costuming? If so, what?
There are several ways to answer this question... there's a pattern in how I work when making a costume.  I start out with the base and work from there - then I add the detailing.  I like to work on several costumes at once, finish one major piece on one, move onto the next, finish a major piece on that one and move on to the next and so on.  Another pattern to consider in my costuming is that I do mostly Asian characters - makes sense since I'm Asian.

14. Your most recent costume?
I made Aja and Jem from Jem and the Holograms and I made the red skant from Original Star Trek as well as a regular red shirt for Marty.  I also threw together a marauder. 

15. What do you prefer? Cosplaying in a group or on your own?
No preference - being in a group is always fun when dressed in the same theme, but sometimes I like to do my own thing and not have to worry if people are gonna show up on time or whatever.


Sep. 18th, 2009 01:14 pm
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  • Before I can make my Dragon*Con photo post, I need to do a photo search. O_O I know my friend, Kennison, has a bunch of good ones from our Sci-Fi Pinup shoot but it's been so busy at work, I haven't had the time to sit down and look for pictures. Marty took a bunch of good ones, but I definitely need to get the ones from Kennison. :)

  • Reminder for next year's Dragon*Con, I need to take more pictures! Sucks when your costumes don't have pockets. Maybe I should concentrated on more pocketed costumes. XD

  • Work is very busy and it's going to stay that way for the next couple months. It's good and bad.

  • Where the poop is my new Social Security card, it's taking forever! I want to make my last name official! It's been 8 weeks and there doesn't appear to be a number or anything for me to call to check up on the status.

  • I want to make one costume a month. Well, make that one costume every two months because it's not gonna happen for September.

  • The house is coming along. :D Slowly but surely we keep changing things out and getting furniture.

  • One art please. We need more art and not shitty art. The Slidell Antique Fair is coming up in October, maybe I can find some pieces there. That'll be fun!

  • Marty's birthday is coming up! BBQ planned!

  • Stahly's gonna live with us for a month!

  • I'm going to the Renaissance Faire this Fall, I'm doing it! I didn't go last year but I'm gonna dress up and go with some friends/Marty's co-workers!

I didn't realize I had so many things to look forward to.
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D*C Pocket Program, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

I'm going through the Dragon*Con Pocket Program and I come across this panel.

Asian in America.

Wow! I am so amused. I'm also extremely curious. I doubt I'll have time to attend, my schedule is pretty crazy, but yeah. XD

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And I wanna do the Tinkerballa costume for Dragon*Con but there isn't enough time although it's fairly simple. Oh wells, maybe another convention.

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List of Fatty, in no particular order

- I've known Fatty as long as I've known Vivian
- Fatty was a trooper with all of Vivian's moves - Before Ft. Myers to Sarasota to Gainesville to Tallahassee.
- Fatty was there any time Vivian needed her
- Fatty was actually fat and it was awesome
- Fatty would get trapped in mosquito netting and it was awesome
- Fatty helped me discover my allergy to cats
- If you stayed the night at Vivian's place - you just might find Fatty sleeping on you in the morning
- Fatty is a comic hero
- I have many Fatty drawings
- Fatty was the original Fatty
- Fatty loved to eat, duh.
- Fatty's meows were cute meows.
- Fatty was the Alpha/Queen Fatty of the house.
- Fatty's named used to be Chester, when she was a boy, then when it turned out she was a girl, it changed to Chessie. Then she became Fatty because she was fat.
- Fatty shed likea mofo so you always had Fatty with you
- Fatty Tap
- We've written songs about Fatty, mostly set to Metallica songs
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I don't like to be preachy but this has happened to me enough where I feel like I need to say something.

Yesterday a weird kid rang our doorbell to try to sell us magazines. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard the same spiel and I know it's a scam. I'ved lived in so many different apartments/houses and it's different kids, same crappy brochure, same talk of scholarship money.

I tried not to be rude to these kids because I was never sure if the kids really knew what they were doing - if maybe the companies were behind it all. There was this one time in my apartment with Marty in Gainesville, FL where I told the kid outright that I thought it was a scam and I wasn't sure if they knew it was a scam. They acted all indignant so I apologized and closed the door.

After last night I thought to look this up on the internet, because well nowadays I look up everything and I found some terrible news.

The New York Time has an article on the horror of what these kids go through -

For anyone who has ever had a regular job, this is so not legitimate. It's akin to slave labor and the abuses they go through is completely unnecessary and what the hell kind of people are running these businesses. Same crappy people who sell drugs.

There's two web sites for parents of kids involved in these magazine crews -

I just wanted to post about it because I don't know how many people are aware or know the details. Now I know as a 'customer' there's not much I can do - calling the cops won't do anything if these kids won't press charges, but one thing people can do is relay information to these kids to help them escape if they want to:

"Ms. Williams, from Parent Watch, said her organization advised customers not to buy from the sellers or to let them in the house, but to offer them a phone to call home or her organization’s phone number to help anyone who might want to arrange a bus ticket home."

I can't imagine having any of my future kids do this - but then I know the kids they prey on are the kids who don't have many choices on where to go or what to do and they just don't know.
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  • The downstairs is painted for the most part - I need to do a few touch-ups, that's it. The color scheme that Mike helped us pick out is pretty patriotic; red, white and blue. He also suggested green instead of blue but I thought then it'd look kind of funny even though red and green are complementary. Plus, all our accessories and stuff are green so I thought it'd be too much green. I like what we've done but I'm still getting used to it. I like to think of them as British colors too, hehe! I miss London. Ooo, we should put up some London or Bulldog photography. XD

  • We'll paint the upstairs next month or the month after. Something like that. We need a paint break.

  • Bahr's wedding is coming up this weekend and I'm very excited. A break from work, a break from working on the house, and another chance to see old friends. I don't know what dress to wear so I'll bring a few and have Vivian help me decide.

  • August will be costuming-like-crazy month. I have a lot of plans and I haven't done anything for Dragon*Con so it'll all be accomplished in August. Least I hope so. If not, I'll still have a good time seeing people. Terry Gilliam and Patrick Stewart!!!

  • My sewing room kicks ass. I'm very happy and I'm not even done unpacking it all. I got a kickass table and the old people left me a tiny oldass tv in the room so I can watch tv while I sew. I just need a futon like [livejournal.com profile] adnault has in her sewing room.

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"I need a hoe."
"You already got a Ho!"
"But you don't do garden work."
"That's true."

-Marty and I at Lowe's

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Framed Invite

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Sort of belated wedding gift. One of Marty's co-workers framed our wedding invitation for us. She was invited to the wedding but she couldn't make it. She's an engineer and an artist - www.melissajonesart.com. Quite the talented chick. You can't tell in the picture at all, but the matting is textured with flowers and it matches the invitation really well. She also made a pocket in the back to hold the extra things like the map and RSVP. I'm so pleased.

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I was going to post pictures saying this is a summary of the past month, but that's a lie. This is a weekend when Mike, "the RT," visited us. It was awesome. :D

This is Mike doing his design/architect thing where he helped us pick paint colors for the walls and such. He made us a color board.

Went out for drive-thru daiquiris and watched MST3K at home. OK Connery was freaking hilarious! I laughed out loud quite literally.


We went to the birthday party of Mango, the bulldog. She turned 1. Oki and Mango shared some cake. :D

Mango and Oki
While driving around, Marty remembered there was a fort in the area and so we stopped by.

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