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My very first complete costume. Gosh, I'm not even quite sure when I deemed it 'complete'. 2007? I love this outfit. I love the character. It's really comfortable. None of it was made by me, I sewed the buttons and the patch, that's pretty much it. The only other major effort on my part was making sure I had bangs when I wore this outfit. I've cut my own bangs so many times for this. XD

The jacket I found at Goodwill - I had a seamstress take it in since it was a bit big and I switched out the buttons myself. This was before I learned how to sew. Regular long sleeve button down white shirt, white knee socks, and plain white shoes can be found anywhere. Red pre-tied bowtie found online. The skirt was a crazy lucky find on ebay! I'm completely anal and try to be as screen-accurate as possible (within reason and budget) and I'm amazed at how close this skirt is compared to the film. The patch was purchased from Yaya Han though I don't believe she sells it anymore. I have an amazing friend who can make custom patches though, message me for more information. The mace is from Bounty Hardware: http://www.bountyhardware.com/.

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