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So it's been three months since Dragon*Con.

Like I said, I'm terrible. XD

Me and my friend, Bumble Bee! Actually, her name is Jathoris and she's awesome since she constructed this herself. She started off with a Power Wheel. XD

No idea who these guys are, but they rock. <3 King of the Hill <3

The Marriott!

Dawn, Ash, and I dancing our little David Boreanaz dance.

Girls of the WPE (www.wolfpackelite.com), my costuming group.

For the parade, my group were marauders from Mad Max.

My only major goal for Dragon*Con was to meet Felicia Day... and I did, and she was super sweet and absolutely gorgeous in real life.

Ooo, Jem is outrageous, truly, truly, truly outrageous.

Marty and I match!


Belly dance class!

I think I make a great blonde. :P

I had to redo my Psylocke and I think it turned out well.

Marvel vs. Capcom!

That was fun and we're already all set for going next year. Lot of conventions I want to go to but not enough time and/or money. Poot. I'm glad Dragon*Con is a default.

Oh! Oh! The epic finale!

A decent Tenth Doctor. I was happy. I was also kind of tipsy when this picture was taken. Didn't have the good camera but had my iPhone.
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