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1. What was your first costume?
I think in kindergarten I was a butterfly.  :D  My aunt bought me the costume.  My first convention costume was Go Go Yubari, still a favorite too. 

2. Did someone get you into costuming? Or on your own?
I was always interested in it, but I give credit to Marty for introducing me to conventions which only fueled my desire to costume.

3. What is your favorite costume?
I don't think I've made enough to have a favorite yet.  I like them all and they're all works in progress - there's always something to improve with all of them.

4. Which is your least favorite costume?
I don't have one?  Generally if I don't like a costume I make it better so I stop disliking it.  Hehe.

5. At conventions, do people compliment you on your costumes?
Yes they do which I appreciate.  :D  Most of the time they just ask me for my picture instead of of a verbal compliment but getting my picture taken is compliment enough.

6. How many have you done?
Not enough.  I have a longass list of costumes I've been meaning to do.

7. What are the top 6 on your list of "Want to Costume!"
This changes all the time.  I've got a list of top 50.  XD  Plus, I'm somewhat secretive on what I want to costume.  Although off the top of my head some costumes I want to do are Mulan, Huntress, and something from Doctor Who - I love Doctor Who and I want to be a companion but there aren't any Asian companions!  Maybe Lady Christina de Souza... there's an Asian in Waters of Mars so we'll see.  I hear she's a bad guy.  I can do bad guys.  XD

8. What female costume do you want to do most?
Isn't this very much like the last question?

9. What male?
I'm not into crossplay.  I like being a girl.

10. What do you prefer to do, make or buy your costumes?
Make make make.  I learned to sew because I wanted to make my own costumes.  I like to dress up and go to conventions, but I love the sense of accomplishment when I've finished making a costume.  I love learning new techniques and hopefully I'll get into prop-making.  We'll see. 

11. Your most memorable experience? What makes it so memorable?
Just hanging out with my costuming friends at any convention.  Hanging out with people who understand costuming and are so passionate and into it as I am. 

12. Your dream costume?
Lady Deathstrike from Messiah Complex - it looks like mostly form-fitted armor.  o_O

13. Is there a pattern in your costuming? If so, what?
There are several ways to answer this question... there's a pattern in how I work when making a costume.  I start out with the base and work from there - then I add the detailing.  I like to work on several costumes at once, finish one major piece on one, move onto the next, finish a major piece on that one and move on to the next and so on.  Another pattern to consider in my costuming is that I do mostly Asian characters - makes sense since I'm Asian.

14. Your most recent costume?
I made Aja and Jem from Jem and the Holograms and I made the red skant from Original Star Trek as well as a regular red shirt for Marty.  I also threw together a marauder. 

15. What do you prefer? Cosplaying in a group or on your own?
No preference - being in a group is always fun when dressed in the same theme, but sometimes I like to do my own thing and not have to worry if people are gonna show up on time or whatever.

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