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10-31-08 - Hot Dog and Yoda, originally uploaded by TineyHo.

Hehe. Halloween wasn't terribly exciting but it was nice. Everyone gathered at Ryan and Nicole's house.

Ryan and Travis build a haunted house for the neighborhood kids. It was made out of piping and garbage bags. They called it the lair of the rat king. They used LED lights as eyes in the walls. It looked like a giant tetris block on the outside. You go down one pitch-black tunnel and at the very end was Travis dressed up in black and rats. He would turn on a light once the kiddies would get to the end which would startle them, but he'd give them candy. Then they'd go left down another tunnel full of hanging rats. Course, it's pitch-black so you didn't know what was touching you.

There was a ton of food, candy, Resident Evil, and our dogs dressed up.

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