Jan. 3rd, 2010

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I watched. I didn't cry until right at the end when he lifted his hand and it was glowing... then I bawled my eyes out through the rest of it.

I was watching on my laptop in bed while Marty was asleep so Marty woke up to me crying. He gave me a hug and in my mind I knew I was acting ridiculous over the loss of a fictional character who ends up "living" in a way anyways but I couldn't stop crying.

As much as it irks me, I think I'll like the new Doctor (and I look forward to the new writing) though David Tennant will always be my favorite. I'll be a loyal fan and follow his future works.

<3 David Tennant <3

Honestly, it was Tennant who got me to watch Doctor Who. While Eccleston seemed alright I honestly didn't care to watch until Tennant came around and I only vaguely knew of the previous Doctors and the storylines from the past. Everyone knows about the Fourth Doctor and his longass scarf.

Bravo, David Tennant. Bravo.

I will end with this:

Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman are locked in Twitter battle over Gay Man of the Decade over on AfterElton.com. Awesome and hilarious at the same time.

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